wouldn't be surprised if Wicklander starts Sat

5 K’s in 2 innings…I know Texas coach said he was the best tyes guy they had seen in a long time…he has electric stuff just needs to get his control down.seems to do better as a starter.

I had the same thought when he only pitched two innings. Maybe not Saturday, but Sunday.

I think you may be right! But it also wouldn’t suprise me to see Connor Nolan get the start again. But I don’t think it will go beyond this weekend without a change if Connor struggles!
Also with Campbell, Scroggins and Kots
Not traveling to Missouri state he could start Sunday.

yeah could move scroggins up to Sat…would make sense to me.

Noland and Wicklander are both young and need to gain experience. They will be good and solid but they will have some failures. I just hope they can step up and get it going.