Woulda coulda shoulda

Not at all pinning this loss on Limpert, but if he could have made that first field goal, we would have been lining up to kick another one to win the game. Did not happen but we came real close. WPS

Yeah, but if he would have hit that 1st FG, Jimbo would have used his TO’s and when Limpert kicked that last one, they’d have about a minute left to drive for their own FGA.

We had a chance

The 3rd and eight on their last TD drive… stop them there and we probably win.

Limpert made 2/3 and the miss was from over 50. Kickoffs have been great. He’s the least of our worries.

That pretty well closes out this post

If my aunt had had different accompaniments, she would have been my uncle.


There are a whole bunch of “what ifs” in a game that comes down as close as ours was. However, I heard Marcus Elliot say on the post game show that if Starkel hadn’t thrown that INT, if could have made a big difference. That’s the one play that made no difference at all for the simple reason that we scored on the very next play with our defense.

It did make a difference because that was 7 points lost.

For it to have made a difference, you have assume after we kicked off A&M would’ve run the same play on its first play & we’d have scooped & scored & gotten an additional 7 points. If a team fails to score on first & goal but scores on 2nd & goal, do you assume we lost 7 points? I doubt it. This was really no difference.

The big difference in the Starkel interception play was that his injury gave Hicks the opportunity to take over & make some great plays & perhaps kept the game close til the end. Not taking anything away from Starkel but felt that Hicks did a phenomenal, if not a better job, in keeping us competitive against a better team.

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How many times does Starkel have to turn the ball over in the redzone and endzone before you admit that it is a problem?

I agree with that part. The Starkel injury is a big variable. I doubt Starkel could have done any better than Hicks did, but perhaps he would have.

As a general proposition, I’d say the earlier in the game an event happens, the harder it is to know how it affected the outcome. Woods’s INT in the EZ felt big at the time, but we didn’t take the possession & move the ball. Instead, we punted from deep in our territory. A&M scored quickly after that punt. The biggest effect of the interception was that it just ran some time off the clock. Of course, that time difference might have been what allowed us the time to move down the field at the end. It’s just hard to know because tactics & calls would have probably played out differently. The best one can do is cheer a great play when it happens & know that it’s more likely to get you a win than a lesser play is.