Would you take this trade?

I’m watching tOSU vs. Sparty. Sparty, of course, made the CFP last year. This year they’ll be 3-8 if they don’t come back to beat the Buckeyes. I’d probably take that trade – CFP for 3-8 the next year. But I get the feeling if we were in that situation right now a lot of people would be screaming for BB to be fired. You know, kinda like is happening anyway.

Buckeye note: No sign of the WR Who Must Not Be Named. He hasn’t played in every game so there may be injury issues. #6 on the team in receiving.

He played and caught a pass early on.

I would take it. I would hope the losing season would be an exception. Would I take going to the CFP in exchange for 20 years of pretty bad ball? No. (Thinking of basketball here!)

Ok, I tuned in late first quarter so I missed that. Stats show one catch for 5 yards.

They ran a stat in pregame that suggested he is becoming a big part of their offense.

With that big 5-yard catch today he has 15 for 235 yards and a TD.

And that TD was his first catch of the season IIRC. Yep, huge part of the offense.

Indeed, the touchdown was his first catch of the year.