Would you take a

Bowl game with a 5-7 record?

And why.

I guess with so many Bowls that chance exist. Did any teams do that last year?


Yes, just not with Bret coaching it.

Yes, the extra practice time is invaluable. Not likely to happen, though.

Oh come on. Does every thread have to be a referendum on Bret Bielema? You’ve made your thoughts well known: you don’t want him to coach another day. This was simply a question about whether we should take a bowl at 5-7.

Now to the original question: Yes, I’d take one. However, I don’t think we’re likely to get a bid at 5-7.

I wouldn’t, but I understand why someone would. I believe Miss Steak did last year and almost lost to a Mac team.

If you think the SEC is going to allow Arkansas to turn down a bowl bid, if offered, at 5-7 then you are sorely mistaken.

Just was pointing out that f we were going to play it id prefer Bret not to coach it, because that likely would mean he is being retained.

Early signing period… key in a lot of this.

Sorry you don’t like it, just scroll over t next time.

Have to win 5 Games first.

Would you accept a bowl bid at 4-8?

I actually think we can win one game at home.

ESPN and CBS thinking of covering one of the home gages. I didn’t read thee article BUT IMO this will have a lot of story lines to talk about.

I might be a little embarrassed on taking that game but as stated the extra practice will be worth our time. Didn’t ask about a coach.

The key is to get kids on the field. Might actually inspire some. Again regardless of the coach I think it’s a positive. Give Cole practice time and tape to study.

I’m predicting we will win 1 more game and a 50% chance at 2 wins. Just my 2 cents.

So 2 wins gets us to 6-6. That would really help the team spirts. And the fans, we need some hope and something to look forward to next year.

NOT counting who the coach is.

NOPE. I could try and look that up but I don’t think any team has been invited to a 4-8 team. Only go if it’s 5+ wins, period!

Saturday took just about any remaining hope I had for this team to the woodshed. It was a win, and if it had come against any SEC team, I’d be extremely happy about it. It was more of a relief than happy and looking at the final three games, it’s hard to find one win (Missouri is getting better), much less two. But I’m with you. I’d like to get to 6-6 and it would help fans’ perspective. I’m for the young men and think a bowl game would be a good thing, especially from a practice standpoint.

I can understand that. We did beat Florida last year. And yes they were not a great team. On CBS coving the Miss. State game, the story line will be on the team and bouncing back. Unfortunately CBB will be a lot what is covered. With his record at Wisconsin how can BB fall flat on his face.

2 reasons the kids pull together and IF we could have a good crowd anything is possible. Kids show some heart in spite of the coaches.

An AP writer, writing about Saturdays games they always give the good and the Bad. Well we were in the bad. Imagine that, LOL. He stated that game pretty much sealed CBB fate. And I’m with that guy CBB fate is sealed with the powers to be.

Projections from October 10th, 2017.

http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2737 … ry-matchup

Has an Arkansas team. Just not the Razorbacks.

BTW- The NCAA in 2015 set up guidelines for 5-7 teams to fill the Bowl spots. NO 4-8 teams.
http://www.espn.com/college-football/st … high-score


thought that was obvious e tongue in cheek question. I hate to be negative but I don’t see another win this year. I’d love to be wrong though.

No opinion, can see both side of debate. would be embarrassing to be in a bowl with a 5-7 record. would probably watch it on tv but certainly would not attend, Birmingham or South Dakota, wherever this remote bowl game would be played. And most certainly wouldn’t play my holidays around it. How many tickets would we have to eat to get invited. But practice is invaluable especially for a fairly young team. another tough call… i would expect whoever the coach is would probably influence that decision.

Yes - additional practice time

There was another article released yesterday that showed 50 bowl participants eligible, 38 left to go. (44 bowl games?) They had a list of about 20 teams, who needed one win to become eligible (6 wins). They also had their APR’s. We would have been 11th on the list by APR. BUT that list didn’t include other 4 win teams. Our APR was listed at 966

As for the OP, as others have stated, Yes, extra practices are beneficial, and we would receive money for the trip. Worth it.

Worth a gander

https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/7 … for_teams/

I’m not sure 5-7 with a modest APR is going to get a bowl game this year. No guarantee that 5-7 would do it. I guess that’s not the question, though. I never have thought 5-7 was something that deserved a bowl game.