Would you rather

Win the SEC Tourney or go to the Elite 8? For me, the answer is simple. Coach Richardson only focused on the SEC Tourney when he had to. Texas won the Big 12 Tourney and is about to hire a new coach. The extra wear and tear of a conference tournament title is not worth it. Alabama is finding that out tonite. One more thing for all those that are worried about losing Muss to Texas…Texas has no basketball tradition…zero, zilch, none. Same for Bama. All the money in the world can’t buy tradition. Go Hogs!


That’s not even a good question! I easily the elite 8!

The difference in national exposure is night and day. Clearly Elite 8.


Elite 8. No question.

That said, I WOULD like to win the SEC regular season or tourney next year.

Regular season title for sure. That title is the mark of sustained excellence, which is WAY more important than the SEC tourney. I honestly don’t care if we EVER win the SEC tourney if we continue to remain a high seed in the NCAA tourney. Too much wear and tear. It’s just not worth it. Ask Bama and SAO.


I bet Bama would trade…

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