Would You Hire Freeze…

If Sam retired at the end of this year? Even with his baggage, Freeze can flat out coach. I’m not saying Sam calls it quits, but who would be your HC choice if we were in the market this year?

Yes. Without a doubt. This is a business, not a Sunday School class.

Jamey Chadwell would also get a look




Arkansas has always thought it’s a “Sunday school class.” Part of the problem.

Sam is not going to retire unless they pay him something. It pays more to get fired most of the time.

Not calling on Sam to leave. He’s a good coach who loves Arkansas. His OC and DC? That’s a different story.

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Yes, if we ever want to be big time. What he’s done at Liberty makes it pretty obvious i would think. We’ll never get a chance though. Auburn is about to hit the jackpot I would guess!

No, but I’d hire Lance Leipold

Would you without any southern recruiting connections? I think that really hurt harsin.

Agree leipold can coach.

To be great we need arkansas to produce more than 3-5 sec players a year

I get it, they outplayed us, but thinking it was some coaching or motivational genius kind of doesn’t compute for me. Not sure that it would be all that difficult to have Liberty fired up to play a SEC team. The fact that we more or less laid down for the majority of the game does not lead me to the conclusion to the fact Bucky is Knute Rockne reincarnated. I know he had success at Ole Miss and we saw much of how that happened.

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I think Leipold can coach circles around Harsin….

Hell yes

Liberty is literally a Sunday school lol

Or Willie Fritz

No. Not even close. He talks a big game. But he gets down in the muck with the best.

Freeze has developed a third string QB who just beat an SEC team. Nuf said.

On the other hand, we have a beat up QB and not one worthy backup, none!

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Unless United Airlines goes on strike.

Absolutely yes

No. Not at all. Not any sooner than I’d hire calipari. He’s clearly a much better coach than we have, but we have always lost and will continue to lose, but I’ll completely sign off if we hire a scumbag. Cuz we’ll still lose.


No. I don’t want anyone that hasn’t come out of the SEC tree. Just don’t see how that works, unless success at P5 and I’m still skeptical of that. Maybe we can hire him as our OC if KB leaves and he can work his way into that position. We could certainly pay him more than he is currently making. What do you think about that? Is he better than KB offensively?