Would we want Beard I wonder?

I know we speculate that he might see us as a lateral situation but I wonder if he might be in our top 3 or so.

Almost certain he would be welcomed.

Certainly worth talking to his people, even if initially what I was hearing was that he would only leave for Kansas, Indiana or Kentucky.

Believe he also mentioned North Carolina. When I read about it on espn.com, I thought it was interesting he left Duke off his list.

Beard would absolutely be a grand slam hire. Now that being said, I don’t really believe that he would actually leave Tech for Arkansas. But if his agent will even listen then I think HY should pitch our max offer and make him say ‘no’ about 5 times before moving on to another candidate.


The irony is that up until about 15 years ago - after the string of years Sutton and Nolan had put together - Arkansas was beggining to get close to the status of those blue-bloods in the national perception. We had been up there consistently in the rankings and in the NCAA Tournament - with some success.

The good news is that we know we CAN be there again. It just takes the right coach understanding that and embracing all the positives Arkansas has going with it, along with some limitations. But then, ALL schools have pros and cons. It’s what the coach does with it that counts.

I vote yes.

Beard is making 3.175 million a year

Would have to back up the truck to the vault to get him, but Arkansas could be a great situation for him and us. He is 45 years old and would love to see him at Arkansas for the next 20 years and win 2 or 3 National Championships during his tenure. Maybe dreaming, but pay him $4 million plus and let’s get this train moving.

If Arkansas is willing to pay $4+ million per year to a new head coach, then, yes, you gotta talk to Beard and gage his interest. But I still think you talk to Donovan/Few/Stevens first and offer those guys everything they would want. Yurachek just needs to swing for the fences if UA is willing to pony up that much $$$ for a new coach. Make them tell you no and then move on to Beard/Williams, etc.

I mean, for the $$$ amounts that are being thrown around, and if UA is indeed willing to offer up close to $5 million/yr…then go try to hire one of the guys you would least expect to say yes. I mean, why not?

Love to have him here. I enjoyed him at UALR. Don’t think he had done enough to earn that kind of money, unless he makes it to FF this year. But then again, you won’t get him without big money.

Mike Irwin says it’s not $4 million (or more) he’s saying it’s actually similar to Mike’s pay with incentives. That’s less than what Beard makes, very similar to Buzz, and because of incentives less than Sampson. I have a feeling this is another Wild Gus chase and we will end up with an up and comer, but will he work out?

The guy I thought we had a shot at, Oats from Buffalo is now at Bama, wonder if this changes Hawkins to Buffalo?

If I was the Indiana AD, I would make the offer SOON.

I had not heard that Oats has taken the Bama job I was hoping to get him, as far as making a big run at Beard I don’t see that happening because of the hiring of CCM and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. Time will tell but we need someone soon that’s of quality to get on the recruiting trail now, if know ones hired by Friday I’m going to assume that HY man is still coaching this season in the tournament. WPS

What I’m afraid of is this. The three guys mentioned most are currently in the Sweet 16. However, a few weeks ago, I looked at everything Mike was supposedly doing wrong, none of those guys are upgrades in all those areas. Sampson, who people are saying is most likely, has been a coach for 30 years, he made the second weekend of the tournament four times (counting this year), Mike has made it twice in his first 15. I assume based off Mike’s career, his numbers would be very similar to Sampson’s if he coached for 30 years. I think we’d go backwards with Sampson. The other two, I don’t think we are offering enough for Beard, honestly, and Buzz, I’m not sure we are going to outbid aTm. Which means we have a Chad Morris type hire. We miss the guy we want, so the money dried up, and we take a chance on a guy and everyone goes Huh?

Sampson has been a Division 1 coach for 26 years, not 30 years.

This is what scares the heck out of me more than anything about our search.

That we talk a good game about paying top dollar for a top guy, but we really don’t mean it, and instead hope for the best on the cheap. Heath, Pel. Another promising mid major who will love to triple his money and we keep paying 40th or so in national salary hoping to be #1 somehow.

After basically two decades of almost irrelevance, I only hope if we are ever really serious about being a Big again, it’s time to go big or go home.

If it’s one of the three I had just soon have Beard, let him know the expectations and break out the checkbook. I think he knows the territory and will our recruit the other two and I think our roster would remain in tact, at least I hope they would. WPS

If Chris Beard is your guy, and Texas loses tonight in the NIT. Uh oh…

I think everyone forgets that Beard was an assistant at TT for a decade. When he was hired he said he was glad to be home. He views TT the same way Mike views AR. $4 million or less won’t get him here. I don’t think he goes to Texass either, but I’m sure any offer will be met by a counter offer at Tech. I think TT can offer less and keep him. I don’t think AR is willing to offer what it would take.

The longer this takes the more I think it’s Sampson. I believe this would be a colossal mistake.

Chris Beard would be a very good hire for us. The problem with any really good coach is keeping him when the top programs like Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina, Duke and maybe a few others come calling. That is part of the territory, I guess. Better to have really good coach everyone covets rather than a guy nobody else wants.