Would we use Zay in relief today?

Emergency situation, extra innings, etc. DVH has done it before; Charley Boyce in the '04 regional, Keuchel in Omaha in 2012. He threw enough pitches Saturday that he couldn’t go long, but maybe…

With our 3 top relievers ready to go I doubt that would happen. If it does then it does not bode well for the good guys.

would be highly unlikely b/c scroggins can go 2-3 inngs and Kosty 2 probably cronin too can’t see it happening

asked that earlier and matt said probably not.

I don’t think so . . . but we might see Noland . . . he only threw 20 pitches yesterday. Don’t know that a situation would come up that would fit, but he should be available if DVH wants to use him. Might give him a chance at some redemption.

I wouldn’t ever say never but I’m hoping it won’t be necessary. The hogs should be able to get a win with Wicklander on the mound getting the start and a well rested set of relievers out of the bullpen. Scroggins, Kosty and Cronnin should be able to cover 4 to 6 innings.
No matter what happens on the field today this has been a great year by our Hogs!