Would we take Sumlin or Mahlzahn

Over up and comers with perhaps less HC experiences from smaller football conferences I wonder?

I have this feeling both could be possibilities.

I’m all for Malzahn, I’m not for Sumlin however.

Malzahn does not have a fireable record and it’s crazy he’s going to get fired.

Part of the reason Malzahn hasn’t lasted very long anywhere is that he just isn’t very well liked and has lots of personality conflicts.

I couldn’t stand HDN so my opinion on Malzahn isn’t based on that.

He has had problems with people everywhere he has been. That’s part of the equation at AU. They are tired of him.

But, I don’t think he will be fired. It’s hard to fire a guy winning 9 a season.

I think Auburn beats Georgia. He’s not getting fired IMO. Agree with Notorious - the guy has an aloof personality.

I do not understand your impression that Malzahn was not liked anywhere he has been (with the exception of Arkansas, where Nutt wanted him gone). I think you are completely off base with that statement. Auburn has a fickle fan base. They can’t stand losing to Alabama and Georgia for that matter. That puts any coach in trouble with the fan base.

It’s not hard to see. Left here quickly after huge drama. Left Tulsa quickly after drama. Left AU the first time after butting heads with Chizik. Stabbed Asu in a major way. Has a large swath of the AU base that is tired of him.

If you can’t see that he’s divisive, I don’t know what to tell you other than look at where he has been and what has happened.

Saint Gus is not well liked in Jonesboro. People speak fondly of Hugh freeze, not so much on gus.

A lot of Arkansas high school football coaches don’t like Gus either.

Cole Kelly doesn’t fit his system. Kid from Earle maybe but 2a qb in Arkansas to sec a long leap

I fully agree with AU Fan. Nutt was jealous of him for his talent, scared to loose his job to him, and treated him and the QB in a way that run off both. As the result he got booted himself. Malzahn is a gentleman and a genius. He’ll never come back to AR. As for Sumlin? forget it, better fish in the market.

Hmmm…we need to hire a HC to fit Cole Kelly?

I just mentioned Sumlin in another thread. We aren’t only griping about Bret, but we are complaining about Enos and Rhoades, since a lot of openings will happen this year, what if we keep Bret, but completely overhaul the coaching staff with Sumlin (Bret’s friend and a former OC) as OC (he can recruit Texass) and Shannon (who was here and actually said he enjoyed it) as DC (he can recruit Florida) and let them bring their own assistants? Or if we fire Bret, we get Sumlin as HC, and hire Shannon as AHC/DC?

I can’t get on the Gus Bus, and hope we never do.

I really have no idea if Gus is a gentleman, but “genius” he ain’t. That’s not a knock on him. Almost no one is. However, your post is one reason I don’t care much for the man. There was so much adulation for him when he was here (and still seems to exist among his mostly-Springdale-based following, that his mere presence helped divide the fanbase. While I have no first hand information about his behavior here, I’ve heard enough to believe he was hardly a blameless victim while here.

I think he’d be divisive, but if for some reason he got the job here, I’d support him. Regardless, I don’t think AU will fire him unless he loses badly to UGA & Alabama. I thought there was a chance A&M would beat Auburn. AU won handily. He’s not likely to be fired & we’re not likely to lure him away.

That tells us a lot.

Regardless who thinks what of him, under the circumstances he is not good for AR. Bring someone with no past divisive story.

I’ll support anyone they hire EXCEPT Gus.

Amen, WPS

Gentleman and genius. Mercy.

I will support anyone hired if he takes us to a bowl by the second year like, Broyles, Holtz, Hatfield, Nutt, and Petrino did.

I’d rather roll the dice with a young coach that has built a winner at a lower level that hire a retread that got run off from a place easier to recruit than Arkansas.

“Gus is a genius and a gentleman.” You are joking I hope.
He is a backstabbing mealymouthed hypocrite.
He is also quite narcissistic. He knows a bit about x’s and o’s
but that is not exactly rocket science.

With one caveat, I will agree wholeheartedly: No Fewer Miles either!