Would we have been ranked if won?

I think it was possible.

The mid major wins may not impress voters, but winning an SEC road game and then beating a ranked team might have just gotten us in this week.

I’m not sure we are a ranked team just yet but that’s true of other programs and another story.

I think we would have been close if won today.

As to how close we are to being top 25 program, I might offer it’s a couple of physical 3-5s and, hitting more than 25 percent of shots.

We will get there.

Yes we would’ve been 10-0 with a win over a top 15 team.

Now we will need to beat Tennessee to get ranked because we won’t play a ranked opponent again until Missouri in mid-February most likely.

The hogs need to learn to finish around the rim! Strong finish.
Make the simple shot that’s all it would have taken today for them to win!

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