Would we be 3rd or so in Big 12 this year?

If we got to play that schedule vs our SEC one.

I say that tongue in cheek but might not be that far off.

Don’t want to ever leave SEC.

But TX is paying to keep a conf together that short of UT and Ok, appears pretty weak.

Though we are all die-hard Hogs fans, at this point in the rebuild I don’t believe that anyone thinks we could be the 3rd best team in the Big 12. Give CSP a couple of years then ask the question!

Do you think OU would be 3rd best in the SEC?

This is one year it will be hard to judge conferences relative to each other because there are so few interconference games. However, when the SBC beats 3 teams in the Big 12 in one weekend, something screwy is going on. Perhaps covid is taking a particularly hard toll on some of them, perhaps not, but no SBC team should be able to hang with a Big 12 team. Now we’ve seen more than “hanging with.” And it’s not like this is something we’ve seen developing. Ia St has been pretty good lately. Even KSU was decent last year. Trick plays or not, ASU looked like the better team yesterday in the 2nd half. I didn’t see ULL-ISU, but that was a 17-point margin.

Anybody got any insight?

I’m a closet OU fan. I think OU would be very competitive with every elite team in the SEC. A top 4-5 team in the SEC this year. OU has a lot of talent and a great coach. Most importantly, the defense is getting much better.

I was interested to hear a couple of the talking heads on Fox posit that oSu (aka the Okie aggies) might win the xii-ii.

Just wish this year we could play that weak Big 12 schedule. 3rd may be a stretch, but would be fun to watch.

I’m betting last place SEC Arkansas might be at least middle of the pack in the weak Big 12 this year.

Not a plug to join the conference.

Just fun to think about enjoying a conference TX props up for their easy wins - which ironically hasn’t been easy of late for them.


Great comment from that article: “Well, it’s safe to say that the league [xii-ii] has less depth than a sidewalk puddle.”

I don’t think any of us really know how good Arkansas will be. We’ve sucked badly the last few years. Total guess. And despite the weekend struggles, we know OU and Texas are very legit. Okie Lite and Baylor are likely good. West Virginia is probably pretty good. TCU is never an easy win for anyone. No, it’s a really hard case to make we’d finish 3rd in the B12. Maybe, but complete speculation and probably not. The 3 bad B12 losses yesterday mostly reveal the odd era were playing in and a few poor teams at the bottom of that league.

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I wanted to respond to your post primarily because it’s one I can agree with. :grinning:

Until we see them in action, it’s extremely hard to have an idea if they’ll be much improved or just a little better. I will be shocked if they are not improved at all under this new staff, and with a real SEC starting QB. One thing I am certain about is that we would have been last in the Big 12-2 during our 2 years in the Morris regime.

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And I agree with both of you.

I’m not very good at analyzing football beyond the bottom line of wins & losses, but I believe we’re better than we showed the past two years, but still well below where we were even 3-4 years ago. If this staff can win one or two against this schedule, we’ll have shown improvement. If we can stay healthy or out of quarantine, we might pull out 3+ wins. I’d be ecstatic with that.

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I think we can revisit this in a couple of weeks, after the Big 12 has more games to look at and after we’ve played UGa. If we make the Dawgs work for it (or actually win) and the Little Dozen lays a few more eggs, it’s conceivable.

I think Oklahoma would consistently be a top five program in the SEC, similar to Florida or Auburn, who typically seem to hover around nine or 10 wins per year.

I have no idea how Arkansas would stack up in the Big 12 this year. We haven’t seen the Razorbacks play, and haven’t seen some of the Big 12 teams still. I think Arkansas would usually be an upper half program in that conference if it played there full time. I don’t think that will ever happen, though.

I have thought Big 12 was weak for years. It’s been a case of really bad defense in that league for years. The league lacked defensive linemen. The NFL draft confirms that.

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I think used- to- be -our CCM needs to be in charge of his own full tilt boogie snow cone shop at the concession stands for all Big 12 games. And The U of A stays in the SEC and regains recognition sooner than later under CSP and his great staff. GHG