Would treylon burks be better than Lynn Bowden

Bowden is wreaking havoc and salvaging the KY season. Most folks up there think he is better than Randall Cobb at what he is doing this season. Seems like Burks could do the same for the Hogs albeit too late to make a difference in this woebegotten and forsaken season. I know we have hit the 4 game window where KJ can play so maybe we dod hit the time when Morris (Lessis?) unveils his most exciting offense in America that he touted on his hire? I think Treylon Burks has shown the will to win and exceed and I am afraid that KJ will suffer the mental hesitancy that infects this team across many positions, mutual distrust seems to run abundant on the Hill these days. Another 0 fer the SEC can really crush the spirit on the staff and players. Surely someone knows a curse that can be lifted? if not then take a kid like burks who could will us through some of our failure points nd maybe win one despite the coaching? Bowden wasa a highly skilled and bes WR KY had which is just their best offensive weapon, same for Burks? I honestly know it aint gonna happen, but it would take some kixck in the pants to change this destiny. I believe in Burks more than Morris.

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I know, Burks looks like an all american talent to me and we cant get him the ball and when we do he has to stop to catch it, he has not had many opportunities to show what he is capable of.

Not only does Burks have the talent, his will to win is great. The whole team should watch his effort on the two turnovers at Alabama. If the Razorbacks had more players with that great will to win, our record would be much better.

We need a lot more like him

He could for sure do better than what we’ve seen from these Grad transfers which have been a risky disaster! I know one thing for sure after the SJS game I would have already tried every option at QB on the roster and wouldn’t have been going back and forth to the 2 than had failed already!
The player makers on the hogs roster don’t touch the ball enough. That’s it’s in a nut shell and this staff made a bad decision sending the QB’s on last years roster packing and bringing in Hicks and Starkel. It appears karma has hit CCM for doing that.