Would the Hogs have received an invite

if the NIT committee knew that Daniel wouldn’t be playing? Personally I don’t think so. Maybe Daniel did the UA a favor by waiting until selection process was over before announcing for the NBA. At least his mates get to play an extra game while we will have a preview of 2020. It could be ugly.

Yes, that’s not the way it works.

The hogs have played some periods of times in games without Gafford and have made runs! Don’t jump off a cliff! It’s basketball and it’s not like we will playing Kentucky without him. Any line game experience the hogs can get will help them. I’m looking forward to watching the game. Of course I watched all the games of the Heath and J. P. Years too! If the hogs are playing I’m watching. Maybe they surprise us all!

This is not like the old NIT. The NIT now goes strictly by NET ratings and regular season champions that lost in the conference tournament.