Would the administration consider Bruce Pearl?

He consistently wins at a high level, recruits really well, and is terrific at marketing a program. But he has past NCAA issues.

He is one of the lower paid coaches in the SEC at a school that is traditionally one of the worst basketball jobs in the leage. Auburn is also paying a fortune to their football coach right now, so I think if we really wanted him, we could get him.

The question is, would our administration consider him?

Have you been reading the news? Do you want a basketball coach or a complete fool that would do anything to win and that includes break any rule or law and can’t spell integrity let alone have any! He is a lying dirt bag? He can coach! That’s part of what your looking for! He’s on the not no but, HELL no list!

I don’t see him coming here. But he would without any doubt in my mind make us a consistent player in today’s game.

I would never support the UofA in any sport ever again if we even seriously considered that guy.

Only if you are interested in winning at a high level.

I really don’t understand why TJ Cleveland or Mike Zimmerman aren’t getting more consideration from the fans.

Seems like really nice guys who would run a really clean program.

What a horrible choice that would be!

If you read Yurachek’s comments thats what they’re looking for. If we win some games they’ll be vacated, I wouldn’t be surprised if allegations surface against Morris

I don’t know if the administration would consider Pearl or not. I would hope not. Personally, I think the UA needs to stay away from the “win at all costs” coaches. And that includes Kelvin Sampson. Also, sadly, I must now include Bill Self in that group the UA needs to avoid. I used to be a huge admirer of Self, but after what the FBI investigation has revealed about him; I’ve lost a ton of respect for that man.


If HY wants him Yuracheck needs to be fired

God, I hope not!

It takes a lot . . . a LOT . . . to get me to say this, but . . . if he comes in, I’m OUT on Razorback basketball until he is gone. Can’t stand him, and I won’t be a hypocrite about it.

Sure, if the administration was the Nixon administration.

He’s an interesting interview, quite a personality. But he draws NCAA trouble like flies to poop, and he has a pattern of hiring assistants who are too stupid to avoid being caught.

We disagree at times but not here. I’m really worried with the direction

We better not hire anyone who has a history of cheating.

I don’t think HY would hire a coach that has had past NCAA violations, after firing MA and then to hire a win at all cost coach he had better go ahead and call U-haul because he’s gone he just hasn’t left yet. There’s way to many good coaches out there to go for us to hire a potential problem. WPS

If you read his statement yesterday, that’s dang sure what it looks like he’s wanting. Win at all costs

A. He wouldn’t come here
B. HY wouldn’t hire him
C. Can’t stand the smirking smiling cheating SOB

GO BIG!! Or GO HOME!! if you are going to go for a cheater forget Samson, he’s a amateur, improper contact is nothing just a few vacated games. Pearl is just another amateur his cheating at TEN involved some sort of a BBQ. Well, now one or two of his assistants is facing a fed indictment. Now if we really want to commit ourselves to winning Rick Pitino is the man a real Pro at it (allegedly). He knows how to show recruits a good time (well one of his assistants of course) and whatever the thing he got fired for. Whatever, let’s just get Rick here and let’s get to winning!!

i have been a hog fan for over 50 years. The only thing that will get me to stop being a hog fan is for us to go the Cheater’s route and win at all costs route. If that happens I am out and looking for another team. Their may be many that think that is the way to go, but count me out. I know it happens and may be more rampant than most think, but it’s a sad state of affairs if that is what it takes to win consistently.