Would Texas take Cal

After he gets fired from Kentucky this season?

Seems like they would be made for one another.

Or do they go after Sampson? Money would be equal imo.

The irony would be both KY and TX then fight for Sampson, KY wins and TX stuck with Cal.

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I think there are better coaches. You know Texas and Kentucky won’t think anyone is beyond their reach. Nor are they above hiring known cheaters so long as they aren’t sanctioned by the ncaa currently. I like Ed Cooley, Sean Miller, Rick Pitino, Mark Few, Scott Drew, *wildcard Steve Nash

The way the sec loves to spend money and forgive and forget most any scandal as long as it occurred on someone else’s watch, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rick Pitino and Sean Miller join our league.

And as long as we are keeping the conversation on who you got in your top college coaches wish list I’ll go ahead and say muss to Kentucky would certainly be in the realm of possibility

I lthink a lot of coaches who believe they can win a NC at a non blue blood school will take that approach. It’s much more rewarded to feel appreciated than do what expected. One reason Mark Few has stayed where he is. And May be the reason Sampson stays where he is. KY took Gillespie so they may take Beard

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A lot of Kentucky fans have been eyeing Muss, but he has an SEC non-compete clause in his contract. That would seem to keep other SEC schools from hiring him, at least during the length of his contract here.

Is there any way around that? I don’t know. I’m not a lawyer.

I wish Texas was already a part of the SEC! That would change the notion of the horns coming after Muss.

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Not so fast. Cal has #1 class coming in 2023. Would Kentucky give up on that?

Cal has had the #1 class several
Times and hasn’t done anything with it!

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That’s right PJ. He does. I’m not a fan of Cal’s but I doubt he will be down long. He needs a point guard.

I am not sure about that. The guy looks tired and lacks energy. It is affecting the players. The fire is not there. Think they will let him coach next year and see what he can do with that class. And if he doesn’t do well, pull the plug.

Cal, if fired this year, has an insane buyout ($40 plus million was mentioned on ESPN)… he has four Top Ten players for this next class and isn’t going anywhere.

Keep him there. Nobody is scared of Big Blue anymore.

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