Would Temp Be Different If We’d Won Saturday

Vs SJS? Would a come from behind win have made us feel different about this staff? I remember BP’s first year we almost lost to ULM which would have been as bad as losing to SJS, yet CBP went on to lead us to our best two years since we entered the SEC.

I don’t remember any BP teams looking so helpless on either side of the ball, other than one of Sabans early Bama NC teams that put it on us that first year when we played Texas the week before.

Just food for thought.

There is no such thing as a bad win or a good loss.

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Oh this board would be very close to what it is now even with a close win. Hell wasn’t to far from it with the Co St win

ULM is light years ahead of SJS, image-wise. This is Citadel-bad. SJS is one of the perennial bottom feeders amongst the bottom feeders. They play like someone who plays Portland State every year (FCS?). It routinely loses money and has had several close calls with being shut down as a program, or reduced to lower divisions (think: Tulsa, only not nearly as good a program).

There is no way to spin it. But, as DD notes, a win is much much better than a loss.

The coaches look like they aren’t in control, and the players look like they don’t belong. The same players who controlled the 4th Q vs a far superior team last weekend.

I had thought, maybe, we had started to turn the corner with the 4Q vs CSU. Nope. Not even close. We are still “getting worse” - getting to neutral would be growth.

Position by position, veteran players are no better, and often worse, than two years ago. That is tough: when players know the jig is up they usually coast and when the coach is new there is dissent, but eventually they rally behind the coaches. This looks like the rally. But its not. This is John L Smith-bad, and then some. This is squarely 100% on this staff and this group of coaches.

Fans complaining about something from prior to Morris are either not very “football smart” or too engrossed in an agenda to see it. Sorry. Truth hurts.

Curl is the only player from prior to Morris who seems to be playing beyond what we saw two years ago. Limpert, maybe? McClellion? That points to a serious locker room problem. Year one, that can be foul attitudes amongst players. They are gone. This is about coaching. The coaching of these coaches.