Would not want to be our bowl opponent

After all the disappointment and criticism of regular season finish, no way coach B wants to go through off season with a bowl loss as well and perception of wheels coming off.

He has a shot to win three bowls in a row and not sure that has ever happened at Arkansas even if lower tier bowls.

I think Arkansas unloads on whoever our opponent will be.

Would take us and give up the points.

Players told me he was as upset as they had seen him after that game, as well he should have been.

All that anger and extra motivation may not be enough to overcome a spread team with speed on the flanks and a QB who can get the ball out there quickly and accurately.

I’ll go out on a limb and predict that Arkansas’ bowl opponent QB will have the best game of his season.

seems like running QB’s have fun playing us as much as spread qB’s. Motivation was something Lou used to harp on:

Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.” ~ Lou Holtz

Comparable idiosyncrasies??? more probable than you might think.

I bet Georgia Tech would be giddy with anticipation to take on the worst run defense in the SEC.

Maybe Ar-kansas player’s will “Have their Action” do the talking again…

Let’s be honest the average Hog fans Confidence level was shattered last Friday vs Last Place Missouri. Defeating a East Carolina/Kansas State type opponent in a bowl game will be a much welcomed epilogue to the season for the Seniors & Recruits.

Meanwhile the majority will be stalking http://coachingsearch.com/coaching-search-ticker and Twitter for a optimistic outcome.

Arkansas hasn’t really unloaded on any D1 school this year. You might count Florida but I don’t see instant physicality and defense appearing out of thin air. Hope to be wrong.

I agree. I know people are criticizing the coaches & I understand why. However, it wasn’t coaching that jumped offsides or got crucial holding calls against us in the red zone. Coaching is a tough business. Not only do you have to teach every day & scheme for the game, all it takes is one player at a key moment forgetting what he was taught, or relaxing just a bit, or having a brain fart & the game & even the season can turn around. On top of that every coach is second-guessed by thousands of experts who know exactly what should have been done.

to be anyone who throws the ball well, or runs the ball well or has a running QB or a balanced offense

When Opportunity meets Desire - Lou Holtz

You got that right, just look around here at the experts.

If they have a half way decent offense they will be jumping with joy to see us. We like to allow records to be broken this season.

Myself I hope we play a good spread offense team for the simple reason, I want to see how our DC prepares knowing his job may well be on the line. We might see some changes that they didn’t have the nerve to try in any other situation than this one coming up possibly. I want to see us play defense with a different scheme than we continue to try week after week that has not worked very well. WPS

fears Arkansas. We just aren’t that good and that is a damn shame

I would

Our modus operandi for the latter part of this year has been to look terrible in one (every other) game and then look great in the next one. It is now time for the “looking great”! Lots of practice time to get there.

I’m sure BB was indeed HOT because that was a poor display of football against a bad team

Not his style but wish he’d express some of that on the sidelines at more than just the referees

Outside of losing to Missouri, a lot of that had to do with matchups and that Arkansas didn’t match-up well with teams in consecutive weeks most of the season.

Moving forward that shouldn’t be much of a problem in the SEC West…

Good point. Late in the Vandy/Tenn game, Vandy had the lead but Tenn was marching down the field at will. Vandy’s head coach called time out and proceeded to do some serious butt chewing on his defense. The rest is history.