Would Muss stick to man defense against Arkansas?

Although this team is getting better at attacking a zone, offense against man defense still remains it strength. Devo, Ricky and AB just eat up those one on one matchups.

I would always play a zone against this team. Some teams have refused to do that and have paid for it. Cal is like Muss, he hates playing a zone. UK played man entire first half. He opened in zone in the second half, but quickly switched back when Hogs kept scoring, even though scoring was triggered by turnovers. And mostly staying with man, they eventually got blown out.

Wonder how Muss would defend this Arkansas team if he was coaching Kentucky on Tuesday.

Hopefully, this won’t change subject and intent of your post. It is related.

We’ve given up our share of easy baskets when the opponent is inbounding under their basket. Lots of teams go to zone in that situation.

Would Muss ever consider going to a zone when our opponent is inbounding under their basket?

Muss ain’t changing, even though sometimes I think it would make it easier for him if he would.
Coach Richardson had no problem switching defenses, but Muss is really stubborn, and our man is really, really good.

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And those easy baskets make me grind my teeth.

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The argument against zoning on inbounds is, of course, you cluster under the basket and leave someone open for a corner 3. And we know Muss hates giving up 3s.

Eddie Sutton was a MTM guy but even he zoned on inbounds. Of course when he was here 3s were not a possibility.

I read somewhere that Bobby Knight, who also would not play zone even on inbounds, did so because when he was a player he was strictly a gunner and he didn’t want to get beat by a player similar to what Bobby was.

CMA was famous for going 2-3 zone on out of bounds under the goal. 90% of the time we would get lit up with a corner three. Can’t tell you how many times I lost my stuff watching that.


Didn’t Nolan do the same? I think a lot of coaches do that.

Muss would adjust to whatever helps him win…

Teams that normally play man defense,lose aggression when switching to zone strictly for an opponent.It takes discipline,the hogs have seen it so much they’re getting better at attacking them.

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He’s smart enough to know it and if he had enough losses he would probably do it, but he’s stubborn enough to not try it until he had to.

I think that is the right answer.

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