Would Muss ever mix in a zone?

With our length and foul issues would it ever be considered with this team?

Yes he should, IMO.

Using a zone for a short period. A zone can be very effective at times.

It is so effective the NBA outlawed it,

There were times it was smothering at Temple, as well.

Muss recruits on running his program NBA style. Can’t imagine he’d go with zone ever.

Reminds me of one of our games during the Sutton era. We played the Aggies and Sutton used some zone during the game, which he almost never did. The Hogs won, as usual.

A&M coach Shelby Metcalf commented after, something like “I guess Eddie learned that you can play zone and still go to heaven.”

Muss can’t stand giving up open threes. A zone invites open threes.

So my guess is no.

Agreed. Muss is a man to man guy. His philosophy is deeeeeeeeeeply ingrained.

Eddie and Shelby coached against each other pre-3 point shot. The trey changed just about everything, especially the way you played defense. With the flashing-neon exception of Syracuse, not much zone being played these days.

Coach Richardson called zone defenses “junk defenses.” Take that for what you will.

If I were a coach, I’d mix in some junk for (a) severe foul trouble and (b) just to give the opposing coach something else to spend practice time on. But I’m not a coach.

It has been allowed for the last 23 years in the NBA.

Most teams rarely run it because every NBA team has at least 3-4 shooters who can shoot you out of it.

As a coach (and you know this), if you’re a team that runs a ton of zone, it tells the world you can’t guard people.

An exception to this, IMO, is a matchup, which is often used as a pressure defense.

But, when I see a team that runs a lot of zone, I think, “They’re soft and they can’t guard. (or they are at a huge physical disadvantage).

This team won’t be running much zone. They are built to D you up and make life miserable, not sit around and let you run your zone beaters.

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I’m guessing this isn’t the old Jacksonhog (Todd), who was a scout.

I can’t remember us running any zone the last three years, but I can’t say I’ve seen all 40 minutes of every game.

We have played zero minutes of zone defense. They don’t even practice it.

That’s what I thought.

The Matchup Zone does not invite 3’s. Muss’ Dad used the matchup with tall long players (at Minnesota) and teams had trouble shooting over the size.

Muss’ dad didn’t coach at Minny in the 3-point era. It’s entirely different when a 25 footer is only 2 points. Rick Pitino was the first coach to figure out the difference the arc makes and fully utilize it.

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I have felt for a good while the 3 point line should be moved about three feet further back. The corner shot should not be a three I feel. I supported the 3 point rule and still do, but I feel the athletes are much better than they were long ago and the line is actually too close.