Would Morris have interest in us?

Love the TX recruiting ties we desperately need.

I fear Texas Tech, and then some bigs are on him.

Would he have interest in us I wonder, or does he hold out for bigger program I wonder?

Why would you want him ?
He hadn’t set the world on fire at SMU

But he might be a guy you have to take a chance due to Texas HS ties

We are not in position to take a chance on anybody. This hire must be a home run!

That’s what was said the last time, and many claimed that is exactly what Bret was. Give me an up and comer. Look at our history. Frank, Lou, Ken, HDN. All were up and comers. Look at the established “home run” hires - Ford, Petrino, Bret. Petrino was the only “established” guy to win here, but as been said before, he didn’t do anything else.

Lou was an up-and-comer? We hired him from the NFL!

He was at William and Mary for 3 years, NC St for 4 years, and the Jets for 1 (actually didn’t complete it). His combined record was 49-42-3. Maybe not a up and comer, but he wasn’t established yet

Edit: and we hired Kurt Anderson from the NFL