Would love to see

The rebound numbers in the second half.

Hogs 23, LSU 12. Tate had 6, Moody and Smith had 4.

Smith had a nice little 19-10 double double. Man I wish he’d come back next year.

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The whole team showed up in the second half. They didn’t look or play like the same team that took the opening tip.
The hogs abused LSU on the boards in the second half.

They got senior night jerseys. Does that mean they ain’t coming back?

I read a story the other day that nobody anywhere in the country knows if their seniors are leaving. One or two has said “Coach, I’m tired of school and I’m not coming back,” but there may be quite a few people getting two Senior Day ceremonies.

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That will be interesting. What will they do with roster limits?

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“Super seniors” will be exempt from the scholarship limits. We could have 16+ on scholarship next year.

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I don’t know why, but I truly believe we will have Tate one more year. It’s too much to dream we might keep Justin and Moses around.

Muss would take Tate and Smith back but what about Jackson?

Jackson’s getting at least a few minutes, which is more than Ethan can say, for instance, with the exception of the Bama game. Vance is in the nine-man rotation, clearly as the ninth man. Would he get PT next year? Dunno. Would he stick around to find out? Also dunno. But I’m sure he’s glad he’s not still at 4-14 New Mexico which has to play its home games out of state (they’re playing “home games” at Texas Tech in Lubbock).

That would stink to go to Lubbock for home games heck it stinks to have to go to Lubbock to play a game as a visitor.

Smith has been our enforcer, he does the dirty work and when he finishes they wonder why they didn’t see him coming for them. It would be huge if he does return. He and Tate are big around the glass. Sneaky good.

Smith is the best true power forward since Corliss. The only other true PF close was Derrick Hood. Portis, Kingsley, and Gafford were really 5’s.


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