Would love to see us take ball after winning coin toss

Instead of deferring.

Correct me if wrong but seems we did the last game and previously.

I get having ball after half, but man, let’s be aggressive and take the ball and score first and get momentum.

And the least, we avoid the opposition having a big play or scoring drive to deflate us before the game barely begins.

I heard someone make a similar point last night. He said, “Why would you voluntarily put your weakest group on the field first?”

I think it’s because it’s a Bill Belichick thing. He figured out, it would give you the ball just before half and to open the third quarter. Possibly 14 points. Problem with other coaches doing this is their QB isn’t named Brady

Seems to be “conventional wisdom” at this point. Most teams do it.

Morris is an offensive coach. He should want the ball. Don’t give it up. Coach Petrino may have given it up when he won the toss, but I don’t remember him doing it. It is a sign of confidence to your team to take the ball and ram it down the opponent’s throat and get the lead. It is so much easier to play with a lead, especially with a team like we have this year. It makes sense, maybe, to defer if you have a great defensive team, but we don’t. The other team can’t score if they don’t have the ball. Take the ball and score. There is no way a confident, offensive-minded coach is going to defer and give up the football to a team like San Jose State.

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Petrino always took the ball and usually scored on that first drive. I know that we desperately need a smart aggressive offensive leader like Petrino. Too bad we still don’t have him, but that water has already run under the bridge.