Would love to hear players view on practices

Would be great as to what they think the differences are…

Jeantal Cylla told me earlier this week the team is doing various skill development drills in practice he’s never seen or heard of before. He said, “When we practice, we do NBA drills.”

Makes since, don’t know how many other college HC’s do NBA drills. Maybe just the ones who obviously coached and/or played in the league and have some on their staffs who did as well.
I think it’s a good message for recruits to see.

What are the NBA drills? Apologize for asking, but I have never heard the term “NBA drills” before.

They are having a camp for younger kids next week. I plan to be over for some of that.

He didn’t go into detail on what the drills were. He meant they are going through drills Musselman and staff members picked up in the NBA.

Thanks for the update and love to hear it! The kids that have been here already would be good to get feedback on the changes and differences!

Yes I’m interested in what the returning players say because they could tell what the differences are between CMA and CEM…what little bit I have seen these kids are going to play much much more physical

While I think they will play more physical because of the make-up of the team, I don’t see how one could gauge that via the little bit of video that we have seen.

I also fully doubt that the guys are going to say anything bad about the former or new head coach.

And that’s what they’re angling for…

Do you think addition of Cylla and Whitt and deletion of Gafford and Embery-Simpson makes us more physical?

I suspect the style of play / philosophy may be more physical. Hard to replace Gafford and obvious talents, but he was never a physically gifted post up player. He was marvelous in space to the basket offensively & on defense.
It will be interesting to watch the differences in style of play. I’ll reserve judgement. I liked MA and was a little surprised when let go BUT also understood. Hopeful!!

The number one factor that should make the team more physical is that last year’s nine man rotation was 0 seniors, 1 junior, 4 sophomores, and 4 freshmen, whereas this year’s ten eligible scholarship players are 3 seniors, 3 juniors, 4 sophomores, and 0 freshmen.

And I also really enjoy reading the players’ thoughts on the new staff and upcoming season. I thought Scottie did a good job with the interviews to not get them to contrast the current staff with last year’s. I remember when Mike left Missouri to come here, during the offseason Jeff Goodman went to Missouri and got the players to give him a bunch of quotes about how much better their new staff was, which he used for multiple stories.

I don’t have a clue about the coaching differences but Muss seems a lot more intense/high energy with his demeanor than Mike and perhaps that translates to the court… maybe not.

The reason I say more physical is one clip I saw a shot go up and saw a wing player Sprint and put a very physical block out on somebody and I don’t ever recall seeing that before.

That is a good observation. Your observations have always been on target and without bias.

From all accounts, the two styles are different. I am sure both coaches emphasize some things and not the other. They are not dong that out of ignorance. I am anxious to see how the new style translates to more wins. I believe all of us are hoping for that.