Would like to see more than one DB signed up......................

…I keep remembering that year that CBB swung for fences for 3-4 4-star DB’s toward the end of the recruiting season and whiffed on all of them. They later picked up Britto Tutt as a late JC signee for the only cornerback in that class and our program needed corners in a bad way. That hole in our recruiting hurt bigtime later. We certainly need lots of speedy corners now, too.

Malik Chavis, Myles Brooks, Devin Bush, Greg Brooks Jr., Jalen Catalon. We should end up with more than one signed today.

Only possibility of 1 more signing today and that’s Greg brooks.

Then you wait. The players will likely make their plans clear today.

Brooks signing is a very nice step in the right direction. We need a couple more!