Would like Briles to explain taking out Franks2

2 weeks in a row inside the 5 he puts a QB in he game and runs a play with only 1 option a QB run when everybody knows what they are in for.

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I still say that it looked as though Feleipe was hurt. He was flexing his hand/wrist several times.

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Sam said it was a goal line package they’ve practiced, and he had no problems with us running it.

That freshman quarterback looked fast and quick on those 2 runs. If he can throw the football, we may have us a quarterback for next year.

So what’s the red shirt deal this year? The kid can be used in 3 more games, same as last year?
Anybody know?

Everybody gets a free year this year, COVID.

Thanks ricepig1. That’s what I thought also. I know now for sure.

Toss the goal line package and leave Franks in that’s what is like to see. Let the freshmen run a series where it’s not obvious what they will be doing.


Didn’t look like they practiced it enough…or, with the right guys.

Could argue, we lost this game because of this package.

No game is lost on one play, you can say that about every play in a game. It takes all 60 minutes to win or lose a game, every play can/could potentially change the outcome. Having said that, I do wonder about it’s use, and continued use.

How about Franks, could he possibly come back for year two in this system and improve his NFL stock?

Yes Frank’s can come back. Everybody gets a free yr is my understanding

I though he was too but remembered we did against Me State. I would like to see them have a couple pass options in case he can’t run across.

Well, coming back from that injury and knowing that we will likely be even better on offense next year he may just decide to stick around.

I think he needs to comeback looks like we are bringing in some big-time receivers.

He’s said in other interviews that he expects to move on, but you never know.

Actually, it was two plays. Bad plays; missing that TD was the difference between a W and the L.

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This is a great deal scholastically for those that want to take it. A player who’s probably not NFL material can get his MBA, MS, whatever for free. Heck of a deal.

So with a free year how does the “85 player cap” work? Is it relaxed for one year also?

The 85 rule will be relaxed.

As far as goal line plays, both teams had to kick field goals, Auburn more than Arkansas.

Nothing is easy down there. Nothing.

You could have left Franks in and still ended up with field goals. Heck, a receiver could have dropped his pass. That happened on a 2 point play.

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