Would larry fedora be a good OC hire

he is currently an analyst for EOE-A, but has been UNC coach (shame attached?) and has lots of Texas time including Baylor and Austin in his background. Being hired as an analyst gives the clue he is so oriented and that might be a settling aspect for our more personable and affable HC. He prefers an 11 package which Sam alluded to in his conference and is an RPO type guy.

I know there are folks on board who have elephant memories who could call up all his transgressions and failures but he seems to be in a position that we would certainly be an upgrade from as OC. He seems to be a potentially really good recruiter and has some HC experience to help out Sam if needed.

I know names are gonna get crazy in numbers and I was just looking for OC with RPO preference and TX recruiting connections. Todd Orlando and Tim Beck are also available from the imploding EoE-A staff. Gotta have the recruiting inside knowlege left and each of them was also favorable regarded prior to shakeup. HY would have Houston knowledge of the last two.

Fedora is being payed 3M per year from UNC, so he could probably be made to fit our budget.

Todd Orlando

Tim Beck

Sam will obviously have his own connections and some on here will perceive us as picking up Whorns leftover and kicked to the curb as not being good enough for us. I take it as serendipity and an opportunity to get recruiting kick started.

I don’t know but he doesn’t have much to work with.

Sounds like only 5 mil for entire coaching pool.

UA took savings on Sam and put it back in pocket it appears

I would not mind seeing The Hat in Fayetteville. He did a nice job at my alma mater.

fedora is getting 3mil per year as UNC termination pay, which makes him more affordable in all likelihood. Definitely bargain shopping on my part. Each of the above will get money from prior employers.