Would it really be so bad?

If UT and OU join the SEC they might replace Alabama and Auburn in our division. Almost certainly, we wouldn’t play them both every year. I’ll take that swap.

Basketball would improve.

How fun would Texas at Baum be?

We would have more natural rivals. Suddenly Fayetteville isn’t an outpost. An OU rivalry has potential.

Arkansas would immediately be a more attractive option to texas and Oklahoma athletes that would’ve otherwise gone to TCU, OSU, etc.

So, I think it could be fun.


I wholeheartedly agree. I’m much more interested in games with OU and Texass than just about any SEC team with the exception of LSU, EOE-K, and Ole Miss.

It would be a lot of fun and even more fun to see Texass get regularly humbled.


I agree with you, especially if AL and AU move to the east. It would dilute A&M’s recruiting a little bit with TX and OU in the SEC. The Aggies have definitely benefited from joining the SEC, maybe dividing the spoils in Texas recruiting would benefit us some.


I hope it happens.


I think it will negatively affect recruiting the states of Oklahoma and Texas. The Hogs would lose a major selling point to join the Razorbacks and the SEC. Additionally, UT and OU have greater resources than the UA in recruiting. I don’t see anything good about it for the UA.
UA…Campus of Champions


Didn’t we recruit Texas better when we were in the SWC than the SEC?

I don’t really know the answer to that but it hasn’t been very good lately.

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I think we move up to to third on the pecking order for recruits in Texas. And second in Oklahoma. Because OSU, TT, TCU, and Baylor are suddenly in a decidedly inferior conference, if it survives, or maybe in the AAC, If you’re good and you want to play against the best, you don’t go to Waco or Lubbock or Stillwater in that scenario.


I’m with you guy. I mentioned in another thread we will be competing with texas oil money for this new NIL stuff (buying players). Okla has just about as good money resources to.
Everybody may like at first until AR kids start picking TX & OK to play for. Money talks!!!

What’s to keep that from happening if UT and OU stay put? Nothing, except the same guys you would lose because of financial decisions would be going to play in the Big XII rather than the SEC.

The basic economics will likely remain the same most everywhere: a freshman’s NIL money may vary incredibly from school to school and situation to situation. But most of that NIL money is only going to keep flowing or get better if the player is actually playing and playing well.

So the transfer portal is going to hum, and a lot of guys in high school are going to be thinking long and hard how much money they can make over three or four years at a given school, not just the first year.

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I think this move weakens A&M more than us(thus their AD protesting it yesterday) and that’s good for football bc Jimbo is building a legit program. UT and OU will always have an advantage over us with resources, but now we get more annual games on TV in those markets and more media coverage that sheds some light on AR to recruits and families. I’m not worried about UT football or OU bc they’re about to get thumped in the grinder of SEC if they join. It’s not like they aren’t already signing top 10 classes yearly, and I’ve not seen either be anything other than Bama wannabes.

And as other posters stated, this really gives us an advantage over TTech, TCU, Baylor,OSU, etc for Texas recruits we are competing against. I think this can help us win some kids over that are going to those schools now and help us strengthen our rosters and hopefully improve our conference wins.

And as others have said, UT isn’t going to bully the Bamas and Florida’s in the SEC. Plus, we can take pride in the fact WE started all this conference change in the 90’s, not UT. They simply finally figured out WE were right and they eventually followed our lead.

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Me thinks Swine has it figured out

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I’m more concerned with the sense of entitlement Texas has. How does the Bevo network fit in, how does equity in payouts work?

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When have we beaten out Texas and OU for top football players?


The money losing LHN will go away. That’s part of the reason this move is appealing to ESPN.


I think you’re rankings for UA are too high.

With both UT and OU in the SEC, I don’t see us jumping either of those for OK recruits unless it’s the occasional kid in eastern OK which we had a decent shot at anyways before.

But the recruiting hotbed is eastern Texas, from DFW and surrounding areas all the way down to Houston and then to the LA border. Baton Rouge is a closer drive to most of those, and the trip from Houston-to-Fayetteville is less than an hour different than Houston to Oxford, Starkville, and even Tuscaloosa. We’re not going to recruit Texas better than UT, aTM, OU, or LSU, and we also have to contend with Ole Miss, MS State, and Bama for Houston.

When does UT recruit in Oklahoma? They have one player from OKC right now on their roster. And I’m surprised they have that.

This rumor happens every 3 years it seems like. I doubt they go anywhere.

Texas, OU and Greg Sankey all had the opportunity to deny this yesterday. None of them did. That alone tells me there’s a fire under the smoke.

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They didn’t deny it last time either…