Would Hunter

hire someone similar to Muss in football? NFL and college experience?


So, Saban, Spurrier, or Kiffin?

Just throwing it out there.

Sure and Kiffin is the template for that, right?

Who else do you have in mind? Bobby? I’d love it. But Bobby won’t recruit like Muss. Kiffin would.

Yep, and someone that’s not been mentioned, yet :wink:

I wonder who that could be?

Outside the box, Bill O’Brien? Doug Marrone ? Both are east coast guys?

God I hope not Kliff Kingsbury!

Eric Bieniemy? I could get behind this ! But he’s never been a head coach and I’m
Not sure he would not want a pro gig!

Who would this be?

What about his hires at Houston?
College and pro experience don’t forget about Steve Sarkisian. But he doesn’t really have any Texas connection.

I would be pretty excited with Kingsbury

He was fired from Texas Tech



Yes…and should.

Jim Mora?

Thinking outside the box, but his UCLA teams were below .500 their last two years.

Wow thats a throw back name, without looking it up how old is he now?

If Kingsbury, I’m almost done with Arkansas football.

That Mahomes blowout loss to Iowa State about sums up his college HC career before getting fired.

Same age as Leach I think. I’m not sure I’d want him, but there are worse choices. He hasn’t coached since 2017, so no buy out. At UCLA, he had back to back 10 win seasons. Not easy to do at UCLA, especially in the 21st century. As mentioned earlier, his last 2 yrs (2016 & 17) weren’t great. If buyout money is an issue. I guess they might take a look. I’d prefer Kiffin.

Aw the son almost forgot about the son haha

So? At least we would have a top 15 offense every year. Doubt he leaves the NFL, seems he is doing a pretty good job at Arizona this year.

Well in 2017 under Morris, SMU was 12th out of 130 teams in points scored. Just sayin’.

Of those mentioned so far, Kiffin probably closest resume to Muss…Pro, College, and # of different mentors and contacts.