Would Enos stay?

Would he stay at AR if the next coach was a defensive coach and asked him to remain the OC? Would that be a good idea or not?

It would not make the HUNH Malzahn fans happy. Georgia is proving that a pro style offense works along with Stanford, Wisconsin, etc. With a decent line, Enos has had a great offense in the past. I would have no problem if Venables wanted to go that route. JMVHO

I like Dan but it’s time for sweeping changes. IMO

Georgia is a top recruiting school.
They can do it.

We can not, time for Enos to go.

agree, it’s time to for some changes

He is still obligated for 1 year unless they pay out. I think he is a good coach. I would keep him. JMO.

Even Venables the only DC mentioned as a candidate, his past teams Clemson and Oklahoma were spread offenses. Enos is gone. The man does have an impressive bio

http://www.clemsontigers.com/ViewArticl … =205529403

Enos will have no problem finding another job. He’s earned a really good reputation as a coach.

Keep him

I want the new head coach to make the decision.