would any Razorback player

start for bama or Clemson?

I was really struck by the tremendous athletes that other teams have, Michigan, suckeyes, penn state, usc, lsu, and these 2 last night.

certainly no one on our defense would start for them. our punter is good, so are theirs. PK-no way. QB, TB, no way.

Maybe Sprinkle? maybe center? I doubt it.

Clemson’s most productive WR did remind me of Morgan, maybe one would use him.

But man, we are a long way away.


Suspect, this is not what you want to hear, but if Alabama had Austin Allen throwing the ball, they might have enjoyed the final score.

There may be one. Austin was mentioned for Bama. He certainly is not close with the legs, but a better passer. Don’t know. The point is, our talent gap is very, very large. I was impressed with the speed of both teams on defense. Seems the lbs on the field were faster than our CB. May not be so, but they could certainly move. We are not on the same page or even book as those we saw.

There are a lot of future high-round draft picks for both teams on both sides of the ball. There aren’t a lot of teams that could match-up to those rosters. That’s why they’ve played for the championship two years in a row.

I could make an argument for a couple of Arkansas players making it into the starting lineup, but as Jim said, the talent gap is wide.

Arkansas center and punter are the only two that would start. Interesting comment noted during telecast was that Bama players said only LSU and Clemson had the kind of players on their teams that they see at Bama.

Arkansas center and punter would be the only two, running backs would make both teams as backups. During telecast Bama players were quoted as saying that only LSU and Clemson had the types and numbers of players on their roosters as what Bama had. Even OSU did not have that talent for all that E. Meyers is credited with.

There are players on the Arkansas roster who had Alabama offers. Frank Ragnow would play for either team. De’Jon Harris, Sosa Agim, Jordan Jones and Austin Capps were recruited by Bama. And probably several others on the Arkansas team were coveted by Bama.

But the points made here by most are on target. Talent level on defense was miles apart, especially on defense.

Dan Skipper at RT would be a force for either. Ragnow and Baker for Clemson. Sprinkle might for Clemson.

I was depressed before I read this thread, now I am totally despondent. It doesn’t appear we have any hope. Basketball team appears to be the same way.