Would Allford or Musselman be a homerun?

Or unless you get that money out…

The only guy we’ve heard about that would disappoint me if hired by UA is Kelvin Sampson.

He cheated and then lied about cheating to his employer(s).

I just can’t get past that.

Musselman (as one poster said before I could) reminds me a lot of CCM. Very energetic that will get the fan base involved and can probably recruit at a high level. If we don’t get the 5 stars that’s cool, I will be very pleased with a roster packed with 4 stars. That means that more than likely most will be here longer than a 1 and done player which can bode very well for the team long term if they are solid solid players. Look at the teams in the final 4 and they have kids that have been playing for teams 2-4 years and all have experience! This means less roster flipping and more cohesiveness!

Do I want a Beard or a Buzz or a Sampson…sure…but would be fine with Musselman.

PJ, I don’t know ANYONE who thinks this way. Everyone I know, even my UK friends, are aware of the “buisness decision” and what it meant.


I read about Alford’s time at UCLA and the ESPN article (December 31) was negative about Alford and his coaching at UCLA. I know that it’s not fair to judge somebody because someone at ESPN writes a negative article, but If he was a home run hire, some school would already have him under contract.

Musselman gets glowing reviews. I think that Musselman would be a very good coach and he might prove to be a great one.

I don’t think Alford would be a good coach for the Razorbacks. Musselman looks like he is a much better choice. WPS

You know I trust your opinion. And it is comforting that you are endorsing Mussleman. And Dudley just endorsed him. I am beginning to warm up to him.

I can believe that he can recruit major talent to LSU. I think it is a whole lot different recruiting to Arkansas. I think someone like Self can just walk in here and bring in major talent. I believe someone like Mussleman will have to win big first before he brings in major talent.

We will see what happens.

Musselman can recruit…look at his wife!!!

There is that.
He is as intense as Frank Martin.
I bet he can’t do the ‘staredown’ like Coach NR did.
Man, that was worth the price of admission.

Virginia and Texas Tech don’t have a single 5-star. They’re still playing, and TT’s best player was a 3-star. Duke and Kentucky aren’t. Even in basketball, stargazing is no guarantee. You gotta win in the living room in November and then win on the floor in February and especially March.

Alford got to three Sweet 16s at UCLA and pulled in highly ranked recruiting classes (three top-5 classes according to ESPN), but a combination of subpar performance and alienated boosters got him run out of Pauley Pavilion. Also got to a Sweet 16 at Missouri State, mildly successful at Iowa (three NCAAs and three NIT appearances in eight years), won 75% of his games at New Mexico, then got the UCLA job.

As Dudley noted, we did everything we could legally do to land the Brand. But he and the traitor brother had other things in mind.

Morning Rush had a Fox Sports guy in this morning talking about Musselman. Spoke very highly of him but made it clear he is a “different” type coach.

Relies heavily on older players, many of whom are transfers. Gets players in and they sit for a year learning the culture of the program. Recruiting strategy may change if he were in a Power 5 conference though. Very strong personality, high energy, strong willed, in your face, emphasis on toughness (which we clearly could use).

Sounds great to me.

Be careful, Hogjohn! Several on here said that about Bret, also.