Would Allford or Musselman be a homerun?

I think Musselman would be terrific here Not so sure about aAlford but I’d rather have Eric


The University of Iowa fan base turned on Alford. Arkansas fan base would as well only more quickly.

Agree that Musselman would be a great hire. Alford not so much, and I think it would be very difficult for HY to sell this hire to the fan base.

alford, from what i understand, recruited at a high level but was burned by those guys leaving early. and i watched his ucla teams play 3 or 4 times, just seemed undisciplined to me. if i had to choose between the two i would pick musselman.

Alford not personable enough for this fan base.

Muss is one of the few options i could see as actually unifying the fanbase, at least temporarily.

The fact that you ask this question after taking Samson and Beard off the table it’s an obvious No!

Musselman outstanding. Alford not so much! JMO! ghg

With the exception of hiring Chris Beard, Buzz Williams, Coach K or Tom Izzo, it seems some of you have set yourself up for I am going to be disappointed mindset.

Not necessarily, Donovan, Stevens, Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich are all acceptable :smiley:

I see no reason to believe that there would be universal acceptance of ANY coach selected. Twitter was full of negative comments about Beard during the first half of the last game. Coach K too old. Izzy plays too slow. Buzz looks like one of the Three Stooges. :lol:

My question is, which one of these guys currently on the board, can beat a Kentucky out for a Monk. That is my definition of a home run. If not we are just rolling the dice and hope it works.

Now for some who thought Mike was so bad, some of these guys may appear to be home runs. I have a sense that this group think Mike lost Monk because of bad marketing, laziness or whatever.

As far as Xs and Os, they all can coach. Otherwise they would have been out of business already.

It is about recruiting those 5 stars and high 4 stars that Mike was not able to get.

If that is not the goal, I ask again “why the hell did we do this?”.

Musselman has huge potential in recruiting based on my research. Similar characteristics to Morris. He also shares similar characteristics to Buzz Williams. Does a really good job marketing. Has recruited SEC talent (at LSU) and has had some success attracting high level players to Nevada.

I can only think of Cal, Coach K and Bill Self that had a chance if the Monks were not down with staying home.

Heck, Arkansas did all it could. Even went to the NCAA and got it approved for Marcus to be on the coaching staff in what used to be Lee Mayberry’s shot.

I would think he would be very successful here if he got hired.

Good enough for me, hopefully we get it done soon, I’m ready to get off this roller coaster and maybe some will step back off the ledge !! WPS

Musselman will probably be named coach by a new school
before Friday.

Musselman would be the best of the 2 recruiting wise I think. He is the wiser of the 2 as well.
Knowing the leash may be even shorter than MA’s was, Would want bigger money & buy out after seeing what happened with MA.

Alford would probably jump at the chance to coach in the SEC, but meh, he is an Indiana guy at heart.
Don’t see him getting the Monks or other 5*’s here.

I think most Hog fans would be pleased with Musselman. He’s got a nice coaching resume. This is one Hog fan who’d be quite pleased with a Musselman hire. I honestly don’t know much about Alford as a coach. I know he coached at UCLA but I have no idea where Alford coached before that.

Could look Alford up but too lazy.

5 stars aren’t going to come to Arkansas regardless of coach, unless it’s a bobby portis type who grew up loving UA