Would a string of top 10-15 recruiting classes help?

If Administration has a plan that achieves better parody through more consistent talent in program, would love to see how much better we could be.

You have to be able to coach the talent. Our 5star from Hope didn’t start most of the year. Bring in more 5 stars and set them next to him on the bench. Coaching matters.

Of course it would.

It is something that has never happened in the history of the program, but yes - most definitely - if that were to happen it would help

Yes. Of course it would. This team is so slow on defense. You have to assume that type recruiting means faster. Is there a slower defense in the SEC. Perhaps, but I didn’t see it thise weekend and I saw parts of nearly all the games.

Well it certainly couldn’t hurt, being that its never been achieved here at AR. I don’t think we have ever had 2 top twenty classes period.