Worthy of notice

If this recruiting class holds up after this season’s coaching performance it would be a miracle in itself… talent isn’t the only problem because CBB coached this lack of talent to more than 2 wins…but as I really assess the situation I believe most of these guys has quit on this staff

this is a good class FOR us, but it is qualified and not good for anyone who is currently good in the SEC. OM will continue to recruit beyond CBB despite all the poop they face. TN was lower than us starting the year and have actually progressed despite player coach incompatibility and change of direction. They are also closing REALLY strong for the whole SEC in recruiting. I thought we won the hire war with Morris vs Pruitt. I was wrong.

I agree with one of the commentators you don’t have to have talent to give effort.

On defense it’s obvious, for every player trying & giving the effort, there seems to be 1 just going thru the motions. But some new faces out there to, maybe a little lost which can look like lack of effort.