Worst tackling

We have got to be the worst tackling team in all of FBS.

I see poor tackling all around the game these days. The shoulder pads have been replaced with waving arms. I guess with all the hurry up stuff, there is no time for practicing tackling.

Thankful this is Chavis last game as our DC.


Enough to make a preacher cuss. I just don’t understand all of these upper body shots. What’s wrong with wrapping up the legs? What am I missing here? Too many of our defenders appear to lack toughness and desire. Frustrating!


Lindsey is 1 of 9 for 19 yards. I wonder what they do in the 2nd half at qb?

We are calling plays like we are protecting an undefeated season. What a give up.

Throw the ball deep and down the middle We aren’t going to beat Missouri with this offensive philosophy. Where is TJ Hammonds, the invisible man?

I hope Chavis is gone. His defense is pathetic. It was at A&M and it’s worse here. Wonder if he’ll retire or wait to get fired and clip us for 1.6 mil. Odds on the latter.

don’t have the stats to prove it, but surely we have to be worst at 3rd down defense. Incredible. I want to believe that these guys are SEC caliber … but I don’t see it. The secondary looks lost (or maybe its just 3 steps behind) on every play. Is this Chavis … or is this just not - SEC caliber players? Missouri playing 3rd string QBS that seem to have no issue with waiting out the open receiver …

he’ll wait for the new coach to come in and clean house. He’s not leaving voluntarily. As they say, ‘I gots to get mine’.