Worst rebounding effort

That I have seen in awhile. If we don’t get it corrected, we don’t win this game.

I get what you’re saying, but Arkansas is still ahead. Georgia’s turnovers have offset Arkansas’ poor rebounding. The Razorbacks may get out-rebounded by 20 and win if UGA commits 20 turnovers.

So far, I have to agree!
I just don’t understand why that is.

Matt, I understand what you are saying, but if you take half of their second chance points away, we are leading big. Why can’t we have both strong rebounding and create turnovers. It doesn’t have to be either or.

We might win but we play some basketball ugly basketball

Georgia is not a very good team and they play a bunch of bigs who are sloppy handling the ball. We could win this game by 20 or get beat at the buzzer, I do not see them getting a big lead with their ball handling skills. Foul trouble may come into play because of their offensive rebounding. But the biggest thing we could do to help ourselves is in the half court offense and that’s rotate the ball around the court with less dribbling which will get us some open shots and better passes into Gafford, that’s my opinion anyway. WPS

Tip of the hat to you Sir.

Georgia got the turnovers under control in the second half. I thought the big difference became the blocked shots. Arkansas had 14 - its most in 13 years.

Georgia wound up out-rebounding Arkansas by 24 and had 21 offensive rebounds, but only had four second-chance points in the second half. I thought it was interesting that six of those offensive rebounds were off blocked shots.

Georgia had a bunch of turnovers. Georgia also laid 42 bricks. Of course we created 14 of those bricks with blocked shots. That’s an extremely high number, may be our SEC game record.

Yes, it is a record. The previous record was 12 vs. Texas A&M in 2015 and Georgia in 2011.

The school record is 18 vs. Missouri in 1995, but that, of course, was long before that was an SEC game.

It was ugly on the boards for sure. I thought after the first half we would be good from the free throw line but we had a few bricks there too!
Good home win. Jones was huge tonight.
Joe must still be sick.

As long as our defense is creating turnovers and we are getting more shots at the basket i’m not gonna gripe too much about the boards. We are actually not terrible this year and won the boards at Tech.

Good win.

I completely agree with this. It’s almost as if our system is such that we don’t value rebounds.

I would offer that it doesn’t seem that we often use fundamentals boxing out, but I don’t want to pile on.

Whatever we did by causing turn overs is certainly our game.

But I agree with the post.

Make rebounding a bigger priority and we win big well before last few minutes.

But will take the win and happy for the kids for sure.