Worst part of the SEC style of play

In conference games only, the SEC ranks behind only the SWAC in free throw attempts as a % of field goal attempts.

No other reputable conference is anywhere close to the top of this list. The better conferences are near the bottom.

The frequency of foul calls and the prevalence of free throw disparities rule SEC play. I wonder whether the SEC office is even aware of how far the SEC is from the norm on this measure.

Not surprised by that. Maybe the games should just be free throw contests. First team to miss 10 loses.

And that is a “double whammy” for pressing, up-tempo teams like the Hogs. Nolan and Mike teams have been known for their 10-0 or 14-0 scoring runs. Those are nearly impossible when the refs are stopping play to shoot free throws every 60 seconds.

Tonight we got those runs in spite of all the whistles.

Whoda thunk we’d put up 87 on grind-it-out Bama, and would have had well over 90 if we’d just hit a few more FTs?

Arkansas got it up to 72 possessions last night, scored very well and defended well, traded a little rebounding in exchange for better pressure defense. All around strong.

I’ve recorded some of the our SEC games and looked at some calls against us in slo mo. In some instances fouls on shot attempts that resulted in two FTAs literally involved zero contact. The refs blow the whistle if a shooter does anything awkward, whether it was self-induced or not. We get the benefit of the doubt on calls as well, but I didn’t blame Barford for getting cranky at Vandy. He absorbs a lot of contact on drives with no calls because he powers through the contact, whereas he’s had calls go against him when some noodle-limbed opponent flails around at the slightest hint of a bump.

I hear you, I have been screaming this for years just based on I watch tons of Games in all conferences and it sticks out and is a rarity to have a truly old Big East or ACC physical game in the SEC do to the whistles and touch fouls! Have often wondered how SEC Officials dont see it!!!

Yes - touching should not be regarded as a foul. Contact that influences a player’s actions should be.