Worst half of basketball all year

Cilla adds nothing. Looks like muss threw Chaney under the bus.

Chaney is better than Cyllia. Chaney can made a five and go at the rim!

8 out of 30 from the field. Can’t hit a 2 or a 3. Whitt 0/5.

Easily the worst, dumb unforced stuff, terrible decisions with the ball, combined with a incredible about of bricks, terrible tempo, and 27 points as a team that has Joe and Jones on it. Just incredible.

It’s Cylla.

I had no idea Cylla was a 1,000 pt scorer at his previous stop. Rough to see someone come in and not have the success they were hoping for. Hope he figures it out down the stretch.

That was a very good comeback. These kids have guts. Great game Isaiah joe.

I was glad to see Chaney play in second half. And not sure anyone noticed when muss took him out he patted him then knelt and did some coaching with him. Looks like Chaney was attentive and was NOT pouting but taking coaching well. Good to see. We’re going to need him rest of season.

Hate ole miss and glad we won. Great comeback. These kids don’t give up.


5 rebounds in 11 minutes isn’t terrible. We may need him and Chaney as the season goes on.

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