Worst football hires in past decade

Not sure I agree with #4 and #7 (that one sure looked good at the time),

#11 - didn’t everyone but Az know at the time how stupid that was? I am not sure I wouldn’t put that at #1. Yes, Chad bombed the biggest of them all, but man, it was so clear that Sumlin couldn’t coach after his flame out at A&M

There are some odd selections there. Jim McElwain won two SEC East titles and Clay Helton won three division titles and the Pac-12 once. Were they the types of coaches that those programs expect? No, but they weren’t terrible hires. I’m sure you could find much worse.

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Chad would be my #1 worst for the last century!

Smile should have been # 2.
You could possibly put Bert in there based on the last 2 years.:disappointed:

As hard as it is to believe, Bret actually holds a Razorback win record. He’s the only Arkansas head coach to win 2 consecutive bowl games. I really hope, in the next 2 years, Sam will break that record.

It is really hard to believe that between Frank, Holtz, and Hatfield that no coach but Bielema won 2 consecutive bowl games.

I’m rooting for Bret. Mainly because I want Barry Lunney Jr. to succeed.


No need to debate 2 through 13 because #1 ran away with it.


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