Worst defense

With 6 seniors. Our 3 point defense stinks and Anderson has switched on screens since he’s been here. Center on a guard and our guard on thief big man. Every stinking year.

Do We not have any half-court defense? It seems like all we can do is press and trap. It’s very very frustrating. This is supposed to be our best team in years.

Since our switching, gambling style seems to be ineffective, wouldn’t a zone be worth trying? Unfortunately there is little to lose in trying something different.

I’m not sure I have seen much worse D ever at Arkansas going back to ‘79.

That includes bad teams of Heath and Pelphrey.

What defense? They don’t have the heart or want too right now to play defense. This is a team with 6 seniors that I will be glad to see move on! They play with an attitude like well we showed up and we’re going to just win without playing.
Macon and Bardford need to lead and in the last 3 games they have failed to get the team playing hard with energy from the tip!
They better find something soon or they will be NIT bound! No excuse not to play hard with effort.

Not a great night but you guys do realize these 6 seniors were there for the big run last year I hope.

Right now we’re playing street ball and if you play street ball you don’t have a defense. :frowning:

Yes, it questions there leadership abilities and failure to play team ball. WPS

That is exactly what happened last year about this time when everybody was about to revolt.