Worst call

A lot of talk about play calls, the ‘ trick’ plays, I don’t call them trick plays they are just plays. But the worst call and critical call I thought was the fourth down yard and a half up the middle to nowheresville. But that’s just me.

I do think the second half showed lots of promise, and these next 2 games gives us a good chance to become a much better football team, and a team that will look more like a Chad Morris type team. We have seen no flicker of a CM team yet since he has been here, I think we will going forward.

Until he gets a better offensive line, it will be hard to run all that his offense can do. When he got here, the offensive line was filled with under performing recruits, walk-ons, projects, and people we beat Tulsa and Arkansas State to get. Injuries and attrition left him with barely eight O-linemen last year. The numbers are up but they are not like the receivers, 4-stars who we beat A&M and Bama for. They are players who turned down a grey-shirt at OU, like Stromberg, to take a scholarship from us and most are playing way before they would or should in a decent program. Even if he had 4-star offensive linemen, you don’t throw them into the SEC as true freshmen and expect any success. We are way off from being decent in the O-line and that will make Chad, his quarterbacks, and his offensive coordinator look like they don’t know what they are doing until we get decent @ those five positions and they finally have a chance to run all of their offense. JMVVVHO

If we had outstanding personnel, it would not matter much who our coach was.

I really think that we’ll FINALLy start seeing a real offense this week. Starkel and lots of very good skill players, ogrady should be healthier, frosh are figuring it out, OL may finally start to get a GLIMMER of consistency, these 2 games should really let us start to gel. cann’t wait!


Hogmodo just nailed the whole deal. Of course, we have been saying that for some time now, but he laid it out perfectly. Until we can consistently make 2-4 yards in the A, or B gap, the offense will be a struggle. You hear so much about the skill players and how good they are or will be and rightly so, but it will never be much until that Oline is at least a middle SEC line. Right now, we are wondering if they can even block the Mighty Rams, much less LSU.

That is why every time I read of another great receiver or whatever we are recruiting, I think great, but I ask where are the linemen (both sides). Those are the key to your team and without them, nothing else matters much.

I didn’t see any success in the direct snap to the running back. We did it six times that I know of and never made a significant gain, although we did pick up a first down in the second half…I think on the sixth try.

That play worked well for us when Darren McFadden received the ball with Felix Jones in motion, but given our current personnel I think it’s a better idea to let the QB take the snaps.

Keep on dreaming!

The reason that play worked so well with Run-DMc getting the ball, is that he could, and did, pass it effectively.