Worst AR team I’ve ever seen

This is our version of John Blake at OU. I sure wish at the end of another historically mediocre season we will not wait yet another year.

We have a great Texas high school football coach who won a little but at SMU. He is awful. He is never going to win. This is a waste of time.

This team is heading to a 3-9 or 4-8 season; that means you get fired after one year prior guiding the UA to its worst season in history, complete with highlights like getting blown out by NTSU.

All the excuses made for this mess just make me hate Razorback football. I’m too old to patiently continue to sit by and hear the lemmmings scream the party line of UA propaganda “we just little ole Arkansas and ain’t had no good players in who knows when, it’s all the former coach fault.”

I’m encouraged to see this season play out. There has been improvement in virtually all aspects of this years squad VS the 2018 team. Only time will tell if CCM is the “right” hire or not. As a true fan, I plan to support this team unrelentlessly no matter who is at the helm coaching The Hogs!

You talk a good game and you’ve got some of it right, but you do not - as I have said from the start when you had the other user name - have all the info like you think you do. But you speak in absolutes as if you do and it weakens your cred.

And please be clear, I am not saying it was the right hire.

What I am saying is your agenda is showing.

I guess we just keep hiring and firing coaches till one comes in and has instant success… sure, that’ll work.

I’m not saying that Morris is the man but fire him this year and you send the message that you have to win big in no less that two years and with our roster it’s simply not possible. I don’t care who the coach is. If after next year we’re not trending up (winning all the games we should and winning some SEC games) significantly then I think it’s a discussion that is valid but I suspect unless something major happens then Morris has 4 years.

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Last year’s last two games were the worst Arkansas teams I have seen.

Last night was actually a closer ballgame than the score shows. We need to grow up, get healthy in the o-line, and leave Starkel at QB.

I will go for a top 5 worst team now Jack Crowe had some awful teams in the 90’s, Smile had the interim year Bielema’s first and last, Morris first and the start of this year. I am sure that the pre Broyles era had some awful teams also. Still, the point is well taken.

First, Morris has recruited well. This has got to continue. However, if we don’t start winning I don’t see that happening too much longer.

The play calling has been awful, even more so than Hatfield’s refusal to pass or pressure the quarterback.”, or Nutt’s the “ real man of genius. I called that play “ predictable play calling. The play callers need to watch the 2010 LSU game continuously for at least twelve hours and see how to keep a great defense from dominating the game. Great or even good play calling can poke holes in great defenses. We have certainly haven’t faced a great or even good defense yet this year. I am afraid that our chances to win against good SEC wins are small, Craddock and Morris must play the best players and they need to do much better calling plays. The play callers have yet to have any success in the SEC and their performance is no better now than it was game 1.

Thank Hicks for his transfer and start working him with the 2’s and 3’s. We need to play Starkel. He can be a good SEC quarterback and get the passes to our good young receivers. However, a quarterback change is not going to make us competitive with the upper echelon teams. The other big problems are going to fake time to correct.

The lack of depth is still an issue. Both offensive and defensive lines are missing key starters and it showed on Saturday… This problem was inherited from Bielema. We still need more very good recruiting classes to win tough SEC games.

This team is in a bad place. Let’s hope that we can reel of 2 dominant wins over Colorado State and San Jose State. Hopefully, that will rebuild some confidence and get us more ready against A&M.

We will do very well to win next weekend. It won’t be a layup.

London if you are this miserable go root for another team. Life is way too short.

Ed orgeron was labeled a recruiter who couldn’t coach. Well once he has players looks like he can coach. Saban barely won his first two years at Alabama until he upgraded the talent level. Let the man get players.


I disagree at this time. Gotta have 3 minimum and show progress in the third year.

Amen, Pike. I don’t know why people want to be so miserable and, worse yet, try to spread their misery to everyone else.

Simple. Miserable people hate to feel alone with their misery and they feel better if they find like minded
people. I hate to lose and I really detest Ole Miss, but the sun did come up today.

A little bit of errant history there. His 2nd year at Bama, he was 12-2 / 8-0. Went to the Sugar Bowl. Even his first year, he won a bowl game and was 7-6. A little better than 2-10. Now, I understand we shouldn’t compare him to Saban and I understand your point - it’s hard to win your first year anywhere.

Playcalling was a detriment again last night. The offense has some traction in the second half but we could not leave well enough alone. i believe that had we continued to play convention football,we would have completed one or more drives before the game was decided. Why did we continue to run that slow moving wildcat play. Last night was the first time I remember seeing Boyd in it, and I am going to guess i saw it ran at least a half dozen times and it NEVER worked. One time Boyd gained 5 yards. And that tricfk play receiver pass, gee friggin whiz!!! But still the offense finally had some teeth. Boyd could be a beast if you utilize the receivers, mix it throw over the middle to the tight end and isolate those wide outs.

They did show some creativity at times last night, but some of it came at times when they shouldn’t have.

This year’s team would beat last year’s so automatically it is not the worst ever.

I would also say - just from the 30-plus years that I have covered the team - that the worst one my eyes have ever seen was the 1990 team, which was Jack Crowe’s first season.

The Razorbacks went 3-8 and 1-7 in the SWC. losing seven of their last eight games and 8 of their last 10.

There was a four-game stretch where Arkansas gave up 54, 49, 49 and 62 points in four straight conference losses. Somehow they won at SMU to end the year.

That came after Arkansas going 10-2 and finishing 13th in the AP Poll in Coach Hatfield’s last season here before he left for Clemson.

Of course, Crowe was fired on Labor Day in 1991 after his team lost to the Citadel 10-3 in the season opener, which means he lost 8 of his last 9 games.


I think Jack Crowe rebounded to go 6-6 in 1991, and would have done better if QB hadn’t got injured against Baylor I think. Then fired after losing to Citadel first game in 1992.

Jason Allen was the QB. Just came to me.

2-10 IS a scandal.

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I’ve always tried to be optimistic with new coaches, but I honestly believe this guy (Chad Morris) was hyped up way more than he actually deserved to be. My motivation for Razorback football has hit an all time low. Brett Beilema was a much better football coach at this juncture of his Arkansas tenure.