Worst AR team I’ve ever seen

Fire Morris yesterday

Can’t fire him for the fat guy’s lack of recruiting. He will be here next year regardless. Must win 2 SEC games next year though.

You’ve obviously missed the last few years.

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I agree with you

I can’t tell with this new board, who were you agreeing with, the OP?

Not yet… Just can’t be firing coaches every year and who going take over this fire as of now??? Were just bad! We went from spread with B.P to power running game with B.B and now back to spread with Morris…Its going take some time!

In 3-4 years Morris may get fired but it ain’t happening now unless there is a scandal


Pike, unless a miracle happens, CCM will be gone after next year. Let him go 4-20 in the SEC or worse and watch what happens. Matter of fact, if CSU beats us next week, it may be this season. People need to stop worrying about these buyouts.

We hired the wrong coach, folks.

I am not talking buyouts, I am talking relationships. Both with current team and recruits. Morris has 1 real recruiting class. London you seem to forget bielema apparently did not recruit much unless michael smith signed the player last 2 years. Compound the problem with fact state of Arkansas hasn’t produced many players of late that are of sec quality. Lastly oh Jerry Jones wants Morris as coach.

London who you gonna hire. Not many wanted it when Morris took it

Pike there were several winning coaches that wanted this job. JCP offered Lane Kiffin. Got shot down. Then they offered Gus. He played us like AB played Oakland. Then they dropped the price, and we ended up with Morris, because the other coaches dropped out when they saw the money go away. Winning Coaches didn’t want to give up their gig for 3.5 million.

Not sure who these so called successful coaches are. I do know that many were spoken to but few had any interest. Gus kept us on hook in case he got fired yes. I cannot confirm your statement on lane but it does not jive with other stories. Since holts no one has coached here and improved their position. Agents check that and, combine that with mark richt’s statement about the difficulty in getting players here it is a hard job that fee in the profession wanted at any price.

I’d like to see how the team plays with Starkel the next several games before writing it off as the worst ever. I actually think there are some encouraging pieces to this team, including the defensive front, freshman receivers and Rakeem Boyd. A quarterback that can move the offense can make this team look a lot different, but we’ve only seen that for two of eight quarters.

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Clearly better than last year. Just not very good yet.

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Still way to early to make that claim.

Kiffin and Malzahn were NOT coming here to begin with. You can quote me on that as a fact.

Of course they weren’t. Gus used us, and LK was overruled. Doesn’t change the fact that there were winning coaches who wanted the job until the PTB dropped the price and ran them off.

I think before Starkel came in, it was getting close. After he came in, I’m encouraged to see the rest of the season play out

No, I’m saying, neither WANTED this job. Just trust me, I know this for a fact.