Worse at home: Hogs in BWA or Flip/Flop Couple on HGTV ?

Maybe we could flip the usual CMA script as UA Head coach and see the Hogs go 7-1 on the SEC road and only 3-5 at home in 2017? Now six years in, and our half court offense is as stale as a year old can of Pabst you find in the garage, then open it and let it sit non consumed for an hour. Speaking of not for consumption… Razorback defense against Miss State’s guard-oriented weave and kick out to shooters coming off back screens and wing screens. Might be something fun to try with Hannahs and Macon if we ever moved around with purpose in the half court. Folks, we’ve got on court chemistry issues with Mike still experimenting with how to best use Moses out top or guard combinations where nobody wants to run point. These home losses mean we’ll probably need to be 5-3 on the SEC Road to get back in the NCAA “bubble”, regardless of what our RPI is tonight. Ugliness in the No Show Palace tonight. Sloppy, ugly ball game, but the Refs are to blame for killing any momentum we ever hoped to have this…uh…season. Right? Huh? Just bad officiating every game we play. It’s killing our hype.