Worries me that we face their ace tomorrow

I’m not sure why they pulled Knight when they did, but heading to the 9th inning, it looks like we’re likely to lose. If so, all the pressure shifts to us this weekend. We can’t afford to lose a series at home, especially to a less-than-vintage SC team.

yep for sure they definetly have the pitching advantage now…this is exactly what I was leary of. SC is very good despite their record.

Well if he is there ace he got shelled by Kentucky 14-1 last weekend!

he did get shelled but he has pitched 35 inn and give up 16 hits an 55 K’s ans the league is hitting .133 against him so he is very very good and with a 7 inn game we need to get on top early.

Cody Hill is a good, not great pitcher. He walks a lot of batters - around six per nine innings. The Kentucky offense is the only comparable one he has seen to Arkansas.

I am worried about playing two seven inning games today against their best starter. We definitely need to jump on both starters early. Otherwise we might never get into their bullpen in a shortened game.

i agree we need to get of to a good start and keep the lead I don’t like our chances against their closer at all he’s nasty and I’m sure they want no part of Cronin either its really a 5 inning game

Shaddy took their closer deep and the Poultry couldn’t touch Cronin.

yes he clearly wasn’t as sharp as he was Thurs. mae a mistake and Shaddy didn’t miss it! and I didn’t think they would be able to touch Cronin,