Worried about Lykes' size? Don't be

Well, make up your own mind. But after watching this video break-down of his game, I feel a lot better about that issue.


Can’t become consumed by his height. The best high school player I covered was 5-7. He plays at FIU now. He was electrifying.

In Lykes’ last full season at Miami, the team allowed 0.97 PPP over his 1,353 defensive possessions, according to HoopLens. That figure jumped to 1.06 PPP when he sat. Doesn’t tell you everything about a guy’s play defensively, but he’s got some game on that end.

In 2018-19, Miami allowed 0.97 in his 1,570 defensive possessions, and 1.10 PPP when he sat.

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No worries at all, and here is why. With over 1,200 players in the portal, Muss decided Lykes was a priority. If he isn’t worried - in fact, he appears to be the opposite of worried - then that’s all I need to know. I figure his talent evaluation skills are much more refined than mine.

I agree

This little guy can run between Conners legs for a screen. Man, that’d be hard to defend.

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Who else seems to use some of these techniques attacking the rim? Devo! Lyles will be a much better ball handler. Just what the doctor ordered. Should cut down a bit on the TOs that happen when we just lose the dribble. Maybe he will inspire the others to work on some on ball handling skills. Coach is really building guard depth, just as we saw Monday night.c

He is a blast to watch, just happy the other team has to worry how to defend him and not us.

I thoroughly enjoyed that analysis. Thanks

I would trust the coach, regardless of who the coach is. Their job depends on this and they don’t get a player without a plan,

You guys are stating the obvious…OF COURSE we should (and most do) trust the coaches.

At the same time, YOU KNOW a large number of our fans, the first thing they’re going to think when they read about this…because 80% of them have no clue about who this kid is or what he brings…is “wow…that’s pretty short”. It’s just the way most fans think. They should just “trust the coach”, but most rely on their own limited knowledge first. I’ve seen/heard it time and time again.

Anyway, I posted the information here for all - those “concerned” and the rest (like myself) that had simply never really seen the kid in action. I’m excited to see him play next season.

Oh, I do appreciate you posting the video. That was very good information even if I trust the coach.

This guy is going to a electrify BWA. Can’t wait for next year. He will add some butts in the seat, no doubt. Remember watching him two years ago. It was thrilling.

But didn’t we credit a lot of Tate’s success in the tournament to the fact he was going up against several 6’ or 6’2 guards? Isn’t that the other side of this coin?

I think we are gonna lyke this one! He’s not overly limited on his 2 point range, either.

But, I suspect the real reason Muss got him was so he doesn’t get neck strain looking up at every player.

Keep him healthy is the key now.

I would guess that the fans that do the research will want to buy tickets to watch him play. He’s fantastic.

I’m dreamin’ of the day they run that one, hopefully against Lswho!

Tate’s size did help him post up other PGs at times. I loved him for that.

However, and I don’t think I’m alone in this, I don’t think we necessarily had the best ball-handling group in the world. You’re not slapping the ball out of this guy’s hands. That will be a nice trade-off. I somehow feel more comfortable already with the ball in this kid’s hands.

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Take into account that the staff is considering everything regarding his size, and they still wanted him. They’re going to figure something out when it comes to his size defensively. If it doesn’t work out, he won’t be on the floor.