World Series.

What a game! Back to back by the Astros in the 10 inning. Wow what a game.

That was a fabulous game. It was great seeing Forsythe make a significant contribution even though he didn’t start. But I am pulling for Houston, so I liked the result.

Some World Series games are not that fun to watch, but most deliver great entertainment like that one last night. I do not pay a lot of attention to MLB games during the regular season, but I watch a lot of the postseason. There is not much that matches the excitement of those games.

MLB has been around for well over 100 years. Hundreds of thousands of games, many of which went extra innings. Never had five home runs been hit in one game AFTER the ninth inning. Until last night.

Keuchel’s right; the ball is juiced. Man, was it fun to watch, once my Astros won. Wish I could be at the Juice Box tomorrow. A classmate from PA school will be there; she got out of medicine and now works concessions at MMP for Aramark. I’m kinda jealous. I’d love to feel that energy even if I was dishing out nachos.

CLASSIC. But Mister Roberts mismanaged his team very likely costing the game.

Roberts has been doing that with his pitching staff all year. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and I’m glad the Astros won! I don’t care for the Dodgers.

Baseball is cool in that you can see the strategy and it’s easy to second guess. There are sometimes plain old gut moves. Roberts has had a pretty good year making those moves. His team has made him look very good.

Roberts didn’t mismanage at all. He had a late lead with the best closer in MLB on the mound. That is exactly what he wanted. It just didn’t work out this time but I’m sure he would do it the same way again.

It may have worked out in Game 2 but I don’t think the Astros want to turn this series into a battle of the bullpens. They will lose that battle most of the time. They better hope their offense can start scoring off the Dodgers starters.

Houston hits a lot better at home and their postseason pitching in MMP has been lights out. It’s unlikely, particularly with Kershaw going in Game 5, but I could see this series not making it back to LA.

If it doesn’t go back to LA then that probably means the Dodgers have won the series. I doubt if the Astros beat Darvish and Kershaw both.

His starter pitched 4 innings very effectively, only threw 60 pitches, Roberts completely mismanaged his pen. He goes thru his whole pen practically in less than 5 innings leaving his 3 out closer 6 outs to get! Pulled the trigger way too soon. Even when the Dodgers rallied in the 9th, you knew the Astros were OK 'cause Roberts had nobody left to pitch or hit for that matter. No, he won’t do that again.

IMO :wink:

Did you watch them against the Dbacks and Cubs? That is how he managed those games and it worked. Now he will go longer with Kershaw and Darvish than he will with Hill and Wood but he knows that his bullpen is the strength of the team.

Yes I did. I see what your trying to say, but don’t take my word, go look at the boxes. The only starter he took out in the 4th in the Cub series was getting hammered, Jansen never pitched over an inning. That series he managed the way he did during the season maybe, Wednesday nite he moved early and when things didn’t go as planned, he was out of pitchers, leaving the closer in a spot he was not accustomed to. If he leaves Hill in 1 more inning like he did vs. the Cubs, he’s probably ok.

Jansen pitched more than one inning in Game 2 of the Dbacks series and Game 1 of the Cubs series. It isn’t that unusual for him to do that. It didn’t work on Wednesday but I’m sure Roberts won’t hesitate to bring him in during the 8th inning again if he has to.

Astros hit Darvish harder last night that I figured they would. Hats off to them for that. The Dodgers big problem right now is their lack of offense, not how their bullpen is being used.

Good pitching turns those bats into tooth picks.
I want the Astros to win but it was a fun game to watch.