World Series no-no

Four Astros pitchers combined to no-hit the Phillies tonight, one day after Philly hit five home runs. It’s Houston’s second combined no-no of the season, both started by Cristian Javier and closed by Ryan Pressly. The other one was in June at Yankee Stadium.

Final was 5-0. Houston scored all five runs in the fifth off former LSU pitcher Aaron Nola and a reliever. They pulled it off in spite of the Fox announcers blatantly violating the you-don’t-mention-a-no-no rule.

Which makes Casey Stengel and Dusty Baker the answer to a trivia question: Who are the only MLB managers to manage a World Series no-hitter?

Here is a thought… in the history of Baseball since 1876 there have been 316 No-Nos in that same span of time there has only been 13 Combined No-Nos. No-Nos are hard because it stresses a single pitcher out to the max, but now I wonder if it’s even harder for a combined No-No since they are even more rare in number. You must depend on multiple pitchers having their A game all on the same night. Food for thought.

In the World Series there was a perfect game by Don Larson and now the Combined NO-NO by Houston.

Rare events.

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I watched the game. Great game. Phillies before the no-no game have been great.

Look at the records-----

Houston 106-56
Phillies 87-75

And it’s tied 2 games a piece, mercy…

In the past, pitchers were much more likely to throw complete games, and managers felt pressure to leave a starter in if he was working on a no-no.

But the approach of hitters has changed too. When Larsen threw the perfecto in '56, he needed 97 pitches; IIRC he had only one 3-ball count. Javier threw 97 pitches in six innings last night with two walks. Hitters take more, foul off more pitches they don’t like, etc.

That was the Astros 4th combined no-hitter - they blew another one in the 9th inning in September this year.

Over Javier’s last six starts, he’s faced a total of 105 batters and allowed 7 hits. SEVEN. An .067 batting average. Nobody has ever done that, according to the Baseball Reference database. Not in the World Series, not in the regular season.

Also never happened before: A team that hit five homers one night and got no-hit the next. Only three times has a team hit four bombs in a game followed by a no-no. One was the Phillies in 1956, one was the Mets against the Phillies in 1964.

Also never happened before: Two consecutive World Series games where one team or the other held a lead of at least 5-0. And now we’ve had FOUR consecutive games with a 5-0 lead or more.

And of the three postseason no-nos in baseball history: Two were in Citizens Bank Park with Dusty Baker managing the visiting team. That’s out of 1745 postseason games in MLB history.

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I would say a perfect game by 1 pitcher is more impressive than 4 pitchers doing it. Still great to see the combo no-hitter, but these talking heads putting this on the same level as Larson rubs this old man the wrong way.

I can hear my grandpa back in my day I pitched both games of a doubleheader - LOL.


Your grandpa’s fastball topped out at 72 too. :smiley:

It’s just a different game now. Never mind trying to keep UCLs from rupturing, today a manager can throw 4 or 5 pitchers out there for a single game who can throw 98+ with nasty stuff. I don’t blame managers for having a quick hook when they have that much depth in the bullpen.


would have been interesting to see what Dusty Baker would have done if that was game 7 of the WS last night? I have followed enough Astros games this year to know that both Javier and Verlander have been taken out of multiple games when they had not given up a hit through 5 or 6 innings. Javier throws a lot of pitches in that time span while Verlander has been protected all season after the arm surgery.

With the way baseball is today, it is hard to imagine that Don Larson’s feat will ever be equaled.

I think it could happen if a pitcher is being very efficient, or the opponent is very aggressive. Stack up a bunch of 10 pitch innings (and a decent lead) and the manager might give him a shot at the PG.

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That reminds me that Scott Tabor pitched 28 complete games for the Arkansas record. 34 wins. No one will ever come close to those numbers.

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Yep, Tabor was a freshman the same year as me. I think he participated in thoroughly thrashing me in the endless games of cards in the van going back to Fayetteville after the Rice series in March 1979.

No 5-0 lead tonight in Game 5, but boy is there some tension.

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