World Cup: Saudi Arabia 2, Argentina 1

Which ranks somewhere on the upset scale with App State over Michigan or Chaminade over Virginia. A lot of people picked Argentina to win the World Cup. Which they still may, but they’ve used up their margin for error. One data service had given the Saudis an 8.7% chance of winning that match.

We had 11 dunks!


Yes, Gas, we had 11 dunks. Chances of that were probably 8.7% too.

By the way, that’s 25 dunks in four games.

I just got on the board and had missed the soccer posts.

Argentina is in a tough group. Saudis were supposed to be gimme. It is going to be a dogfight now between Argentina, Mexico and Poland for two spots into the knockout phase.

Yep. Memo Ochoa saved a PK from Lewandowski and Mexico and Poland finished scoreless.
The Saudis certainly have a big edge as far as advancing now if they can at least pick up one more point.

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I didn’t see the game but I did read that Argentina had 3 goals disallowed in the first half, I need to watch replays and see if they were legit or some middle-eastern home cooking.