World Cup Group C is nuts

At halftime of both matches, Poland was in first place in the group, Mexico was last. Then Mexico scored two goals on Saudi Arabia and Poland gave up two to Argentina. Now Argentina is first, Poland and Mexico are essentially tied, and Saudi Arabia is last.

If there are no more goals scored, Poland wins the tiebreaker against Mexico on fewer yellow cards in the tournament and advances. Which would be the first time Mexico failed to advance in like decades. But another goal for Argentina, or Mexico, and Mexico advances. Or a goal for Poland or the Saudis sends Mexico home.

And just to make that a little more interesting, Poland just picked up another yellow. They’re still safe on that tiebreaker – for now. They would have to pick up two more yellows. If that one were to be tied, they flip a coin to see who advances.

(That would be like breaking a tie for the SEC basketball title on who got the fewest technical fouls during the season).

Mexico put the ball in the net but it was called back for offsides (their second disallowed goal of the game).

Then Poland cleared an Argentina chip shot off the line, keeping their hopes alive. Oh yeah, and Poland also saved a PK in the first half.

The Poland game is about 2.5 minutes ahead of Mexico, so they should finish first depending on how much extra time is awarded.

And it’s now over. Poland loses 2-0. Mexico has three minutes to save itself.

Saudi Arabia scores! Mexico is out!

Well, not quite. If Mexico scores again in the dying seconds, they top Poland on goals scored and it doesn’t go to yellow cards.

Adios, El Tri! :yum:

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of urine-throwing, homophobic-chanting fans.

And the burros they rode in on.

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Beauty of playing two games simultaneously. It was great theatre.

Indeed it was. Once they finish firing Tata (I understand he was out after the WC no matter what the result), Mexico will be rueing those two goals that were called back, and the PK save by Poland.

The PK save by the Polish goalie was phenomenal.

I saw an interview with him after the match (he played six years in London so his English is excellent) and he said the match felt like it lasted five hours.

I think he made 11 saves, which is almost as good a display of standing on his head as Tim Howard had in 2016 when he made 16 saves against Belgium in the round of 16 before they finally scored in extra time. (We missed a sitter at the end of regulation that would have won the match, which would have been no more than Howard deserved).

Szczesny (the Polish goalie) revealed while they were waiting for VAR, he bet Messi 100 euros that the ref would not award the penalty for his gloves brushing Messi’s face.

He was wrong, but he says he’s still not going to pay Messi the 100.

Hilarious…but if you are going to bet then you gotta pay!

I don’t need the $5 bets I make with friends…but we always pay!

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